This module explores the role and importance of market definition in competition law investigations, including key elements such as the SSNIP analysis and the information that agencies evaluate to determine antitrust markets.
Suppose there is a call option with a delta of 25% and the underlying stock increases in value by 100 fils. We notice that the premium for the first option (56 Fils) is less than the option expiry after 3 months (109 Fils). It reaches 50% when the price of the stock equals the strike price (at-the-money) and 100% for deep in-the-money options.

Except under extreme circumstances, the value of an option is least sensitive to changes in the risk-free-interest rates. The extrinsic value of an option is equal to its intrinsic value plus the time value of holding the option.
The premium for the option expiry after 3 months (109 Fils) is lesser than the option expiry after 6 months (163 Fils). This is logical as the longer the life of the premium, the more probability of profit-making and consequently the option buyer pays a higher amount for that option.

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