The binary options industry has recently split from stock trading and the forex exchange market as an independent field, occupying a separate niche. Whereas traders with Wall Street or forex solve two problems at once – at what point to buy stocks or currencies, and at what point to sell binary options – traders solve only one. IQ Option is the first Russian binary options broker, introducing to the world its own modern and convenient trading platform – developed by leading traders, analysts and IT specialists. The list of IQ Option traded assets includes a unique Bitcoin Index, which allows you to trade not only in standard trading hours, but also at any other time (even on weekends). Managed risks – the trader beforehand knows how much he can lose or win at any of the options before the trade execution.
A professional team of analysts and personal managers at IQ Option works every day to provide traders with personal financial advice, and information about the latest news and trading signals. IQ Option has developed its own system of education that is available to everyone on the website in text and video.

Trading with IQ Option has become simpler and more accessible after the creation of the mobile versions of its platforms for IOS and Android. The IQ Option team is convinced that long-term success always depends on personal relationships, so each client can be sure that they will always received personalised advice on any matters related to binary options trading. Binary option is an option, depending on the implementation of the stipulated condition, that provides a fixed amount of profit or none. The platform services are suitable for both professional traders and beginners in binary options trading.
Each trader can take a free course of educational webinars, where they will learn about the intricacies of the binary options market, major trading techniques, terminology and beginners’ mistakes.
The curriculum includes an introduction to binary options and the basic concepts used by traders, the main methods of market analysis, money management techniques, as well as common trading strategies and tactics.
Therefore, binary options are sometimes called financial betting: bets on the financial markets.

All things considered, both George Soros and a client of a binary options broker see the same live listings, but solve different problems and invest different capitals.
On the platform both classical binary options of multiple assets (indices, currencies and equities) and the lately popular turbo options (60 seconds) are traded. Traders get answers to their questions live, which makes trading binary options more accessible to non-professionals. And with access to the international level – the CIS markets, Spain, Portugal and South America – the platform has acquired the status of an international broker, and the IQ brand has become a world leader in the binary options industry.
On the Russian binary options market for a long time, global players were setting the tone.

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  1. Elvira

    Selling binary options, there's a danger involved and the final 400$ on gold.



    Variety of time to researching, reviewing and buying and buying.


  3. yekoglan

    Losses are capped at $one hundred.