Alan Ellman loves options trading so much he has written four top selling books on the topic of selling covered calls, one about put-selling and a sixth book about long-term investing.
I hope this isn’t all too much for you this week, but I will next need to email you some about the calculations and then a whole lot more after a little break. 1- When portfolio overwriting, calls are written after the earnings report date or 2-month options are written so that the ER date is well before contract expiration.
I recall your mention on many occasions in either the books or on this blog that you are fully stock invested in options accounts almost all the time. Those new to option-selling or stock investing in general should follow Nate’s path and trade in a hypothetical account…what great experience at no cost!
In the Sept Options month I purchased nothing new but sold Covered Calls on 15 existing positions. IVolatility SDK (Software Development Kit) is a set of software libraries which allow an easy market data access within third-party applications running on Windows platform. As a free addition you get a set of Excel applications integrating power of market data with Options valuation model libraries. Standard subscription imposes limitation on amount of instruments to receive updates for simultaneously - 3000 tickers total (stocks or options contracts or futures or futures options).
All US markets, including equities and options (full OPRA options coverage), and recently added US futures and futures options from CME, NYMEX, COMEX, ICE, CBOT, CFE, and other future exchanges covering all traded futures products: commodities, bonds, interest rates, energy, equity index, FX, metals and others. Black Scholes and Cox-Rubenstein (binomial) models are used - thus supporting options on equities and equities indices. Uncovering information about Facebook options trading is a very difficult task, as pricing risk requires plenty of extrapolation and educated guesses. But looking through similar events may shed some light on how the options will trade over the next few months. Intrinsic value is the relationship between the underlying stock price and the strike price of the option. From here we can look at the Implied Volatility readings from the day the options opened on each of these stocks. Using these past values as a guide, we can expect facebook options to have a 30-day implied volatility between 65 – 85.
Now we can price out a hypothetical June option using an estimate of 75% implied volatility.

If this participant is going to come into the options market, odds are they won’t sell calls against their position.
If facebook ever starts to see fast upside like we saw in AAPL a few months back, expect the volatility skew to turn into a smile, and for the implied volatility in the options market to rise when facebook rips higher– this is a very rare occurrence in equity options, but it is possible. The introduction of weekly options will bring in the speculators looking for super-leverage, and high-frequency traders will step in to provide liquidity on the short term options. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your own trading, you can blow out your account trading options, and risk management should be your first concern. A composite Volatility is calculated for an underlying by taking suitable weighted individual option volatilities. In total, 4 ATM options are used within each expiration to solve for the Implied Volatility Index of each product.
IVIndexCall and IVIndexPut are the implied volatility indexes calculated for only Calls or Puts.
Home Options Trading has chosen to use iVolatility because it is the only affordable volatility provider with a proprietary Hi-Lo Indicator to measure IV, Skew and Kurtosis. View a complete option chain for any futures underlying, with Implied Volatility and all Greeks for each strike.
Calculate implied volatility using custom option price and other parameters; calculate option price using volatility you consider fair. Advanced Futures Options Page service provides previous day close data for futures and options.
Delta measures the change in the option price due to a change in the stock price, Gamma measures the change in the option delta due to a change in the stock price, Theta measures the change in the option price due to time passing, Vega measures the change in the option price due to volatility changing, and Rho measures the change in the option price due to a change in interest rates. All call options sold for the October contracts are in-the-money and put options sold are deep out-of-the-money.
Having a cash reserve or a cash-equivalent aspect to our portfolio is a great idea but not in an option-selling account, in my view. The report also lists Top-performing ETFs with Weekly options as well as the implied volatility of all eligible candidates. IVolatility SDK provides both market quotes and derivative values, such as options implied volatilities, Greeks and more.
Options Analysis Toolkits is a set of charting and pricing, portfolio management applications in Microsoft Excel.

The package includes several Excel applications integrating the power of IVolatility SDK and the Toolkit Option valuation module.
There is a cost to transfer risk, and it is derived from the extrinsic value of the option. We can also view the options volume as a function of total stock volume to guess how many options would trade on the first day.
These prices are what we should expect for that option, assuming no errors in calculation and extrapolating similar events from the past.
Instead, they will take advantage of the leveraged nature of the options market to be a net option buyer, looking for fast returns but in exchange for theta risk. At the same time, its value represents how expensive or cheap options are in each fixed maturity. In this article, I will demonstrate one way to access the Greek stats for any option using free online resources. This is a subset of a fully-functional INTERMARK TOOLKITS that includes Options Valuation module. If recent history is any indication, liquidity will focus on the near term and weekly options, leaving those that want to take on longer term hedges in size with fewer exit options. Compared with implied volatilities of an individual OTM option or ITM option, the IV Index indicates how expensive the option is in relation to the ATM options.
With volatilities and quotes provided by IVolatility SDK you can use our template analysis worksheets or build your own custom analysis applications.
Especially, in trading the options on Indexes, Commodity and Currency ETFs where there is an inherent skew bias, a robust and complete calculation of Skew is necessary.
This is a strategy where you purchase an at the money option and sell 2x OTM options, where 1 of those options is covered by 100 shares of stock.

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