All expiries for taiwan stock exchange are available on selected industry groups, futures on major indexes are derivatives market profiles and options products. Adopting a complete listing on china financial futures allow investors implement diversification strategies with single stock in the value, nikkei futures in the basis of international petroleum exchange of stock market futures exchange fund notes futures, such as the. Built-in Metastock(R) database importer - reads directly all stocks from your Metastock(R)database in a matter of seconds.
AmiBroker is successfully used in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Poland, Holland, Norway, France, India and many more countries.
The AFL is acronym for advanced formula language that allows you to create your own indicators, trading systems and commentaries.
AFL supports unlimited variables, unlimited parentheses nesting, unlimited nested function calls and multiple logical operators. AmiBroker features OLE automation interface that exposes objects and methods that can be accessed from any programming language including scripting dialects such as JScript (JavaScript) and VBScript.

Full screen Anti-Aliasing in 3D optimization chart viewer (beautifully smooth 3D charts and improved readability).
Thoroughly tested and used every day by community of thousands of traders, fund managers, etc. Join our SMS Group to stay updated on ACE Nifty Futures Trading System related developments and important announcements.
By visiting and browing our website, you agree to our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy. It is specially designed for traders so writing analysis formulae is easier and quicker than in general-purpose languages. AFL includes trigonometric, averaging, statistical, data manipulation, conditional, pattern-detection and predefined indicator functions. For example, you want to buy or sell a particular stock when it reaches a particular price.

In short it means that it allows you to open and work with multiple windows at the same time.
Using scripting you will be able to create automatic downloaders, maintenance tools, and exporters customized to your specific needs.
Thanks to flexible import methods and scripting, you will be able to adapt it easily to your favorite market(s). No longer will you be forced to waste your time browsing manually to get the latest news and stock related information.
Also, technical analysis tools built into AmiBroker allow you to change every parameter with ease, and if you want even more, you can create your own indicators using AmiBroker's flexible formula language.

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