Remarks: Interactive Option is one of the many brokers using the SpotOption platform, and one of the better equipped ones. Interactive Option prides itself in offering the trader (and we quote) “all the necessary tools, services and features to succeed in the online trading world”. Interactive Option has recently updated the website and platform, and one of the updates was a new account plan. If unlimited access to everything everywhere is what you want, you will have to deposit at least 10,000 dollars at Interactive Option. Not as popular as most types of binary options, pair trading cannot be found at every binary options broker. Apart from Banc de Binary there are not many brokers you can go to trade long term binary options. Traders who love to use the fast lane on the binary options highway can try Interactive Option’s Turbo binary options. If you like to determine your own risk when trading binary options, Interactive Option has the perfect solution for you.
As you have read at the beginning of our Interactive Option review, this binary options broker is one of the many SpotOption-based brokers. Interactive Option is not only there to help you become the best trader you can be, but also to help you when you experience problems using the trading platform.
Note: binary options trading is considered high risk trading and is always at your own risk. I was going to advise you to call Interactive Option’s customer service for information, but I admit that the above idea is not stupid.
Hello, I am interested in binary options and as I am still a beginner, I’m looking mostly a broker that offers a good guide and also coaching. Risk Disclaimer: Binary Options Reporter will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from use of or reliance on the information contained within our website. Behind the Interactive Option brand is Pegase Capital Limited, a company licensed by the CySEC (Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission) and MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). You get up to 85 percent payout on regular trades, a basic traning, an introductionary webinar, and up to 12 signals per day. In return, you will get everything from the Gold Package plus up to 36 daily market signals, a Market Call, Pro Training, weekly webinars, 100 asstets to trade, free withdrawals, and Category A, B, and C competitions at Interactive Option.

Because we have never seen a binary options broker that offers so much variety in the types of trading options. The most traded binary options type you can select is 60 seconds, but 120 seconds and 300 seconds are also available. Basically, the philosophy is like this: the higher you rank, the more access you have to the trading academy. That is why on every page, you have 3 buttons constantly available that lead you to their contact options. What, at first glance, looks like an average binary options broker, turns out to be one of the most innovative and trader-friendly brokers on the market today! Well, I’m going on vacation for a month and a half and I don’t know if I could continue to trade during this time.
I advise you to get Interactive Option’s mobile app and to continue opening positions some times.
This includes, but is not limited to: market news, analysis, trading signals, and broker reviews. The welcome bonus is good (especially on low deposits), and the trading academy is one of the best in the market.
You just pick an underlying asset, set the expiry time, enter the amount you want to trade, and click ‘Call’ (up) or ‘Put’ (down). This can also be a very risky, but lucrative type of binary options to trade at Interactive Option.
Since we are Binary Options Reporter (and not Forex Reporter), we will not go into detail about it. This Interactive Option Trading Academy is full of great material, such as e-books, Webinars, videos and more to help starting as well as more advanced traders reach their ultimate trading goals. The most basic contact form is email, which you can use if you don’t require an immediate answer from the Interactive Option customer support agents, or when you have a more complex matter to discuss.
So whichever way you want to contact them, there is always a customer service agent available at Interactive Option.
Sure, your bonus isn’t as high as it is with other brokers, but Interactive Option gives you great terms in return.
Binary Options Reporter cannot be held liable for any damage or other consequences caused by binary options trading.

You can choose 50 different assets to trade with, which is more than enough for a beginner. After that, you wait for the option to expire to see if you are in the money or out of the money.
Not a very common type of binary options, but a good option type to use if you want to balance your trading risk at Interactive Option. This is definitely one of the best binary options brokers using this platform on the market today. And if you look at the trading platform, Interactive Option offers some unique features that no other serious binary options broker today can match, such as the Follow Me feature. The funny part is, though, that it is not these things that they mention themselves that make Interactive Option stand out.
This bonus amount can go up to 2,500 dollars, although we think Interactive Option is open to cutting you a deal if you deposit over 5,000 dollars. And the list goes on: 4 free webinars instead of 1, Category B competitions instead of Category A, and 70 assets to trade instead of 50. Lastly, for emergencies or when you want to speak to someone directly, you can call Interactive Option. If you are looking for a new and better trading experience or if you are new in the binary options trading world, this could very well be the binary options broker you are looking for.
We can definitely say that this broker has a few things to offer you don’t find at every binary options trading facility. What does make this a very interesting and unique broker, is the amount of trading options types you can get at Interactive Option, and some very specific trading tools.
Further below in this Interactive Option review, you will discover that there is a large range of binary options available to you with which you can trade over 140 underlying assets.

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