With MacPaint and MacDraw (also introduced in 1984), artwork could be digitally created and modified with ease.
The three most commonly used operating systems are Windows (created and owned by Microsoft), Macintosh (created and owned by Apple Computers), and Linux (open source software). Until recently, Macintosh operating systems could only be installed on Macintosh computers. Software workarounds, called emulators, could be installed on both Macs and PCs, making it possible to run the Mac OS on a PC and to run Windows on a Mac. All operating systems, including Macintosh, PC, and Linux, can support desktop publishing software. While the operating system runs your computer, software programs or applications make the computer productive.
Macromedia FlashPaper is a new piece of software that functions somewhat like Acrobat in that it converts a document to a file that is readable using Flash software. When first exploring a new piece of software, such as InDesign or QuarkXPress, it can be overwhelming. With the development of voice recognition software, keying text into a document has become unnecessary. The Option key is not to be confused with the Apple key, also know as the Command key, and depicted with the quadruple loop symbol third from left above.
We don't know why Apple decided to remove the Option legend on some territories' keyboards and instead use only the word 'Alt' and the relevant symbol.
These newer software programs increased a user’s ability to fine-tune artwork and to create renderings that had never been possible in the world of paint and pen. With this software, as shown in Figure 1.6, it became easy to move text and graphics around on a page and to create columns with justified text.

The first place to begin is with the difference between an operating system and the software on your computer.
This has changed recently, and users can now install Windows directly on newer Macintosh computers. Software allows users to enter data into a spreadsheet, write a letter, or even play a game.
Get in the habit of using the Help menu to find out how to activate the spell checker for each software program. InDesign is considered a highend desktop publishing application with advanced features not found in software such as Publisher. Quark has long been the favorite software choice among professionals.This was probably because QuarkXPress more closely matched the expectations of those who came from a traditional printing background.
The choice of desktop publishing software is just one such example of the decision process. Therefore, actions that require a right mouse click on the PC must be accessed using the Ctrl key on the Mac.
So if you plug a Windows or IBM PC keyboard into a Mac, pressing the Alt key has the same effect as pressing the Option key. The Apple key is used with a single letter key for many of the Mac's most common actions: Apple-S saves in most common applications, for instance, and Apple-P prints. The Ctrl key is enjoyed more regularly by PC users, for whom it acts similarly to the Apple key for Mac users; on a PC Ctrl-S saves, Ctrl-P prints, and so on. While an operating system is mostly invisible, software is what a user looks for and uses to create documents and images on a computer. This file can then be read using Acrobat Reader software, and can be downloaded onto your computer at no charge.

Adobe bundles (gathers into a single package) InDesign with other products such as Photoshop.This bundling provides a less expensive option for desktop publishers who need several pieces of software. While early voice recognition software could only promise limited accuracy, each new version increases the level of accuracy and vocabulary recognition.
Scan the keyboard of any Apple Macintosh sold in the UK since 2006, and you're unlikely to find a key labelled Option.
Otherwise known as the Alternate key, it's most commonly represented by the symbol second from left in the photo below, especially on Apple Mac keyboards. For Mac users perhaps the handiest use of Ctrl is for simulating a right-click when using a one-button mouse: Ctrl-left-click does the job.
For more complex documents that require a more professional approach, such as brochures, high-end desktop publishing software should be used. Most high-end DTP software expects you to check the spelling at intervals and does not automatically mark questionable spelling for you.
This eliminates the need for users to have the specific software initially used to create a document loaded on their computer in order to view a file. With Adobe’s purchase of PageMaker and then the Biove to InDesign, the two software giants became more evenly matched.
With this type of software, you generally have the option of checking a single text box or the entire document.

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