Sie werden die vielen simulativen Funktionen des Option Calculators bei vielen Ihrer Trades als unentbehrlich betrachten. Option Profit Calculator is the software for comparing the stock transactions and calculating the annualized profits or loss occurring due to the transactions. While the transaction of the stocks and options are made, Option Profit Calculator displays the annualized profit amount both in the form of a percentage of the investment and in the form of dollars including the potential loss amount.
Option Profit Calculator is compatible with Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system.

The user gets to know the exact profit amount occurring due to the transactions if everything goes as per the expectation or the potential loss if any. As this software tool compares the profit or loss information in the annualized format, stock and option transactions can be easily compared for different time periods and investments.
Option Profit Calculator was published by the software developer ‘Leithauser Research’ on February 2009. Option Profit Calculator not only displays the profit per transaction but also shows the duration of time the money has been tied up and the several factors associated with the commission fees.

This tool performs all complex calculation very fast and can even store prior calculations so that the user can see all calculations together and compare them.

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