This plan called for investors to buy Citigroup stock and sell the March $5.00 calls (C-CP) in an effort to capture a bigger move in the stock price.
The options suggested were the February $40 calls (IYI-BN) and the February $34 puts (IYI-HN). Early on banks were getting hit the hardest as investors returned to focus on the lack of details on Geitner's speech from Tuesday.

For those of us playing with options we also know that option premium can become inflated (this is either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether you're a buyer or a seller and whether you're buying puts or buying calls). The dive lower this morning may have been the head fake while smart money loaded up on cheap front-month call options and sold deep ITM puts (taking advantage of the higher volatility premium and an expectation for a rally to get the puts OTM by the time we hit expiration).
More conservative traders may want to exit early tomorrow before the long, three-day weekend, which will have an impact on any option premiums.

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