Option contracts traded over futures but the risks in selling an option are the same as in other futures trading. Success depends on speed, accuracy, and a cooperative brokerage who allows this type of trading. Since 2005, OptionsHouse has been leveraging technology to make it possible for investors to make trades online.
Flat-Rate, Affordable Pricing: Investors at OptionsHouse can count on a regular low fee that makes it easy to calculate commission payments. Expert Training and Tutorials: Investors who choose OptionsHouse will have access to a variety of outstanding educational resources, tutorials, and even webinars with experienced traders. Financial Protection: Like many other leading brokerages, OptionsHouse is a member of SIPC, which offers $500,000 in account protection.

Streamlined Platform: OptionsHouse runs on The PEAK6 trading platform, which is popular among retail and institutional investors alike. As with any new financial management endeavor, it is important to read and understand the fine print, and OptionsHouse is no exception to this rule. OptionHouse’s clearing firm maintains additional SIPC Insurance, which protects another $900,000 per customer.
One of the most beneficial elements of OptionHouse’s platform is its integration of trading tools, which helps traders to easily manage real-time prices with trends. Many of these educational resources are available to anybody, even if you don’t have an account with OptionsHouse. Tech support is very poor now and after fixing the worst errors (totally incorrect balances for accounts transferred from OH for the first month etc), no further changes appear to be coming to restore the functionality we used to have.

While OptionsHouse will cover account transfer fees associated with switching from a different broker, they will only cover a maximum of $100 in transfer fees.
The brokers here are not properly trained or educated with margin trading, trading rules, order execution and options in general.

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