In Math, SMG students calculate ratios, perform operations with decimals, and identify proportional relationships. In English Language Arts, students interpret and write complex texts, analyze data and engage in research.
The online Stock Market Game for students is a great way to introduce young people to some economic principles in a fun way. This game is played in teams that can be comprised of students in a class, from a homeschool group or even an after-school group like 4-H. As I have only accessed it as a Tennessean in the USA, the exact details I share below may be a little different in your area, but I know that the general format is the same globally. The game mirrors reality as closely as possible with the stock prices being the real end-of-day ones on the American exchanges.
Every week a leader board is published with the total value of teams’ portfolios which allows students to see how they stack up to other teams in their area.
They should like basic terms like bear and bull, index, broker, portfolio, stock, dividend.

Students who are enrolled in the Stock Market Game can also enter the Investwrite Essay contest. I have incorporated the Stock Market Game into a middle school economics class I teach, and I have also used it for my own children when they have done Economics for a high school credit.
If you teach groups of students, I strongly encourage you to take a look at how you could incorporate the Stock Market Game into your lessons.
SMG students are invited to enter InvestWrite, a national essay competition with great prizes. They buy stocks they believe will make them the most money and then carefully watch the prices of the stocks in their portfolio to see if there is perhaps reason to sell. Students can only trade during regular trading hours and they have to pay brokers’ fees on each transaction. There are different prompts based on age and these get students to really think about the world of investment – particularly as it relates to the Stock Market.
You can find many resources to teach kids about the stock market and the game itself has a large number of downloadable lessons available for teachers.

There are prizes for students and teachers at the National level (one of my students came 2nd – she got a laptop and I got $250!) and recognition and trophies at lower levels (one of my students last year was first in our State). It is meant to be played in teams so you will need to find some other students to join with him. In my state, new coordinators are expected to attend a training session before they sign students up.
And they are in it for the long haul – if nothing else the stock market game taught them short term investing is very risky!

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