Now after re-establishing your finances I believe it is now time for you to jump into another phased of your financial life and that is from savings to investing.
For you who I believed is now at a stable financial status should also learn how to start investing in stocks. You have to open an online stockbroker account so that you can easily access your account and transactions anytime, anywhere, and to some online stock broker you can place your order even if the stock market itself is still closed. I know with all that you are already saying there will be no more left for stock investing. If what you get in the newspaper is not enough then I guess you need to step up a little by reading materials about the stock you are interested like your brokers reports and in dept fundamental and technical analysis shared by our gurus in forums and Facebook groups(you can backread the one forum here or if you spend most of your time in Facebook check these group for more learning).
Remember that once you place your buy or sell trades you are using real money that is why if you feel not that ready better practice with a simulated stock investing game like the PSE Stock trading game(click here to check this out).
Louis Delos Angeles is a Certified Public Accountant, blogger behind Investing in Philippines, and author of Investing in Stocks: Preparing for the future small amount at a time.

I also believed you are already intrigue about the latest craze of the town: Investing in the Philippine Stock Exchange. You are already aware that this blog is primarily for stock investing but I started the series about how to achieve debt-free status because how can you be investing if you don’t have free money to invest. If your office gets the daily newspaper make a quick browse of the business section to learn news about the stocks you are interested. Your online stockbroker might have live scheduled seminars which you can attend or you can scout around for affordable seminars and on-going guidance memberships like the Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez. Let it be a source of experience so that by the time you sure to start investing with real money you won’t have doubts or second thoughts when placing your buy or sell trades with your online stockbroker. These high-powered men and women would take stock orders, make suggestions and then handle the entirety of the actual buying and selling of stocks. Internet has indeed change so many things and we hope that all Pinoys and people out there use it right and to take advantage in using it to trade or invest in the Philippine Stock Market whether they are in the Philippines or somewhere else in all the corners of the Earth.

I have been telling this already that the money you put in stock should be something that you wont regret putting in case something went wrong. Such news and info can also be accessed in your online stockbroker account(just to be safe do this during break, after-office hours, or at the comfort of your home). With the proliferation of the internet, brokers have become a commodity that is only used by those who intend to trade large quantities of stock – usually either very wealthy individuals or businesses.

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