24option’s asset selection is pretty decent by any standard and the number of Forex options available would not shame any Forex broker. As can be expected from any binary options broker, registering and depositing money is a very easy feat. 24option offers additional high payout options, that involve more risk than regular options.
For the less patient binary options traders, 24option offers very short term trading, with 60 second, 2 minute and 5 minute expirations. Three minutes after entering a trade, the trade is presented with the option to ask for an early close on that position. It is easy to see why 24option is one of the largest and most popular binary options brokers currently available. Roy I love your honest reviews, unlike some of the other sites, where brokers are being recommended who have very shady reputations.
Conclusion: There are many binary options brokers out there to choose from like Stockpair and Ubinary that actually let you withdraw your money when you request it.
The initial trading page consists of 5 different platforms, which we’ll go into later in the review.
The high yield payouts of the one-touch options are also very good at 280% up to 640%, which is pretty astronomical. UPDATE: Despite my good experience with GTOptions, I cannot ingnore the constant flow of complaints and bad reviews that they are getting from traders that seem to have been burnt by them.
Conclusion: There are many binary options brokers out there like to choose from like Stockpair and Ubinary that actually let you withdraw your money when you request it. One of their biggest advantages however over other brokers is that if you open a real trading account and make the minimum deposit (I think it’s $250 or so), you can also open an additional practice demo account with a $50,000 balance.
PEOPLE PLEASE stay away from this broker…they are liers, they deceive you to get your money.
This article reviews OptionsHouse, an award-winning brokerage that provides a trading platform for bonds, mutual funds, options and stocks. OptionsHouse makes extensive use of advanced web technology to enable its customers take maximum advantage of an online trading platform that is rich in software-based trading tools.
The services are targeted at “savvy” customers, though the company emphasizes that it enables both retail and institutional options traders and investors to make the transition from basic trading to a more professional level. It is obvious, however, that the target customer is really the serious option trader who possesses somewhat better technical and financial acumen compared to the average retail trader.
Barron’s 2014 review rated OptionsHouse as one of the “Best for Options Traders” – the fourth straight such award from Barron’s.
Barron’s rated the mobile platform of OptionsHouse as the highest rated amongst all brokers – #1 in the mobile category. For the features on offer, and considering the competitive pricing, this brokerage certainly offers value for money.

One of the few binary options brokers to allow it’s traders to deposit and trade in Brazilian real.
Although zoom trader is a relatively new binary broker it is best suited for new traders since they offer low entry deposits and low trading limits while offering free assistance from a dedicated trading agent, free trades for new traders and have a wide range of payment and withdraw methods.
Here at Onlineoptionstrading we do our best to offer REAL, hands-on, honest reviews on those who offer services related to binary options, including binary options brokers.
While some other sites may provide bland and generic reviews which clearly show that they haven’t ever even looked at the broker, we only review brokers where we have actually opened accounts and traded. As I mentioned earlier in a previous article, perhaps the single most important decision to be made before trading binary options is to choose a good binary options broker. StockPair already has a very good reputation as one of the best binary options brokers around, and this just adds another layer of security to an already well established reputable broker.
Stockpair, one of today’s most popular binary options brokers for US citizens, has, as of today February 23rd, 2014 stopped accepting trading clients from the United States. In a shocking move, iOption, one of the oldest binary options brokers, have announced that they are closing their doors. The bottom line (or spoiler) here is that while anyoption may be one of the largest and oldest binary options brokers currently in operation, they are far from the best. 99Binary is operated by Nighnty Nine Holdings and run by a group of veteran forex and binary options brokers. They have the highest customer base by far of any other brokers and the highest trading volume.
As with the other assets, 24option also offers regular and high yield boundary options, with higher payouts of course. I personally would never trade these types of binary options as they are more of a gamble than anything else, as it is virtually impossible to make an educated prediction of how a stock is going to react within the next few minutes.
24option is now my #1 recommended broker, and it probably the most trusted broker currently operating.
24 Option call me in 2013, but i am not deposited money, but after i saw websites of his Governmental Sector, including hi's company 24Option regulated, which provides security to me and trading operations accounts. I therefore see no reason to register with a broker that appears to have a clear track record of withholding payments from traders. The main standard binary options trading page consists of 4 graphs, listed one after the other. Options builder lets the trader decide on the important features of the options in question. The binary options needs only to reach (or touch) the strike price once during the week following the purchase for the option. The upside to the 60 second option is that the minimum investment is lowered to $5 per trade, as opposed to the regular $25. Keep in mind that these payouts are high for a reason, as One Touch options are somewhat riskier than regular options.

The sheer number of complaints I am getting has lead me to change my opinion on this broker. ZoomTrader also offers it’s users the ability to close their options before the time of expiration or automatically extend the time of expiration after buying an option.
Trading and getting a feel of the broker is the only way to truly understand if the broker is any good. Unlike most review sites, we do not think that this bonus should be of any relevance to the broker score, as the bonuses usually do more damage than good, as they tie your deposited money to the broker, inserting severe limits to how and when fund withdrawal is possible.
On March 21 StockPair officially receive a CIF (Cypriot Investment Firm) license from CySEC (Cyprus securities exchange commission) and became a fully regulated broker. Rumor has it that they are in the midst of being purchased by a larger broker, but it is still not clear whether they will continue operation using the iOption brand or will be devoured by the larger broker.
There are many other brokers out there today that offer more features, a faster platform, and better overall customer support. They are owned by 247 Holdings Ltd, and began offering binary options trading in late 2010. 24option offers standard One Touch options, and High Yield options where the strike prices are placed slightly further away, but the payout is again substantially higher. Therefore it would seem that my review of the support does not properly represent how they really are. The trader chooses exactly when the option should expire and, the best feature, what the in the money and out of the money payouts will be.
While it would appear they were a good broker when I traded with them, it looks like they have moved over to sketchy practices, per the complaints I am getting from other traders.
The broker guarantees “there are no hidden fees, maintenance costs, balance minimums or trading minimums at OptionsHouse. Yep, 24Option has a completely different interface from all the other brokers we have reviewed until now.
However, traders choosing to use these options should do so with care and only trade up to a certain percentage of your portfolio on them, and keep the rest with regular binary options. They have also worked very hard to gain a significant track record among fellow traders, making them one of the most reliable brokers around.
There are many other good brokers to choose from, and I would recommend using one with a better track record. There are other brokers like 24option or Stockpair which have great track records and are known to be trustworthy brokers. Like I’ve mentioned in other reviews, this feature is also handy when the trader takes a bonus upon depositing, as they usually require a certain trading volume for liquidation.

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