The last one year has seen a huge surge in angel investing in the Indian startup ecosystem.
We are still trying to understand how angel investors decide to invest, what works for a startup and how we can continue to make this process efficient, and easy.  However as tech entrepreneurs building a marketplace for angel investing, not i-bankers trying to provide investment services to angel investors, we believe that most aspects of angel investing will go online in the next three to five years.
A successful marketplace always has elements of offline and online engagement, based on the market you are trying to address.
We will soon see the emergence of a new profile of angel investors investing in India startups—the global Indian who is keen to participate in India’s growth story, the entrepreneur-turned-investor who understands how to build businesses in the new age economy, the second generation global citizen from family businesses, and the senior management of MNCs who missed out on the entrepreneurial journey. By the nature of what is emerging in India, an online marketplace is helping to create a level playing field for angel investors.
As an online platform, analytics in the backend is being developed to offer personalized recommendations to angel investors based on their sector preference, their investing preferences and the social circles they invest with.  This helps with faster deal closure as the probability for a startup of finding an investor who might be interested in investing is way higher. Shanti Mohan is the Founder and CEO of LetsVenture - India's largest online marketplace for angel investors and startups.

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We take offline services online and then create business model or technology innovations around it.  Only after network effect and scale sets in, can we create disruption.
Forty percent of investors on LetsVenture are first-time investors, people who are not new to ventures but did not have an easy route to start investing in startups. Online webex sessions allow all investors to participate in one session in the comfort of their offices or homes, be part of a larger community that is engaged in evaluating and make an informed decision. The Westpac Cash Investment Account and Online Banking are issued by  Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 AFSL and Australian credit licence 233713.
Accordingly, the information contained in this website is directed to and available for Australian residents only.

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