Futures are probably one of the most suitable instruments for active retail investors and traders.
Futures are fairly easy to understand and all the futures markets operate according to the same concepts.
Futures offer a great variety of underlying instruments such as market indices, oil, gold, currencies, etc.
The spreads on futures are tighter than the spreads on instruments which are priced off futures such as CFDs or spread bets.

Read more about what futures are, how you can trade them and, what you need to keep in mind. The broker WH SelfInvest (offices in Belgium, Holland, France, Luxemburg and Germany) has developed a free futures trading teaching tool for their clients.
The idea behind the tool is to illustrate that everybody can learn how to trade futures without significant losses. Low commissions and tight spreads make futures a cheap instrument to trade for private investors.

It consists of a reading and test section as well as real-time trading signals with a clear entry, stop and target.

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