What I have done is laser focus the comparison onto the most important factor in play: Cost. Fixed fee brokers – Charge one price for platform services regardless of the size of your assets. Choosing the right broker needn’t be any more painful than ensuring it offers the investments you want and then running a few numbers on your portfolio. Thanks to your efforts as much as ours, our broker comparison table has become an invaluable resource for UK investors.

However, in the circulstances that a broker is going bust it’s quite likely this would be a time that the separation might not be all that was expected! So I went for a US broker, and the one I opted for and the others I looked at all seem to be much cheaper than their UK equivalents. The UK’s brokers occupy more niches than the mammal family, and while I know which one is best for me, I can’t know which one is right for you.
Small investors should generally use percentage fee brokers, but even surprisingly moderate rollers are better off with fixed fees.

Many percentage fee brokers use fee caps and tiered charges to limit the damage but the price advantage still favours the fixed fee outfits in most cases.

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