They make there money by advertising this program, it is popular because you get the software for free, but what lots of people do not realise is that the software is free but you have to use their recommended binay options trading platform and when you deposit the minimum money required which is usually $250 then the person that referred you to the program actually makes about $200 commission. If this Binary Boom program worked, it would put the brokers out if business in less than a month.
So I am in a way grateful to the first scam because it put me into the Binary trading business. But I want others to know that if they truly want to profit in Binary trading they need to learn to Trade – there is no free lunch.
Hey Dedi, unfortunately next to nobody wins when it comes to binary option trading – my advice to you would be to quit before you end up losing a whole load of cash.

In my views, if you want to trade binary profitablly,using a dutching software is the way forward.
I think that literally out of the hundreds of thousands that trade binary options literally only a handful will fall into profit.
I would actually go as far as to say that the numbers of people who make large profits & profit sustainably from binary options fall into the single figures. Some might argue with that but at the end of the day binary options is pretty much just another form of gambling, those trades can go any way & more often than not people find out the hard way they will go any way. A google search for a review of these brokers quickly reveals they’re not brokers any self respecting trader would recommend to clients.

Now when I open a website or new tab I’m getting diverted to a Binary Boom advert page and Binary Boom adverts everywhere of that dork with the pony tail.

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