Therefore it should not need a high winning rate.Because the strategy is to open a new account, get a 100 % deposit bonus, let the Bonus Busters trade for you just to meet the turnover conditions for withdrawals, and then withdraw your deposit and the bonus.
But this is not true, normal brokers cannot limit deposit withdrawals in any way, the turnover condition is related to the bonus amount only (and sometimes a lower turnover is related to profits).Goldman also says that his system uses High Frequency Trading on binary options, which is a big joke, because it is impossible, see under the link. With these winning ratios the bonus strategy does not make any sense.One thing he forgets to stress is that the way he is describing Bonus Busters means that you have to open new accounts each time with a new broker and you can never come back to the same broker with his system, because brokers would not give you a deposit bonus the second time. With such a winning ratio you would be making comfortable money with one broker all the time and you would not have a single reason to withdraw everything and go to another company!

And all the account statements are fake.The Aussie MethodScammers usually make the effort and make up some stories about how they got an incredible binary options trading system that they will share with you for free. It is not, you will not be able to use his system until you open a binary options trading account and deposit at least $250. This is what you are going to risk and lose.Because Pertu is just a binary option affiliate, he will make money each time he refers a new trader to his broker, this is why he is doing it. We repeat it each and every time, binary options are a legitimate trading tool that can make you money, but you have to be aware of the risks and learn how to trade.

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