Margin Call & Stop Out level - 100 Forex BrokersMargin Call and Stop Out level in Forex. New Forex Spreads and Margins - AVAFX Trading CenterNew Spreads and Margins from AvaFX Forex Trading Platform. Margin Requirements - Overview - CalculationsInformation on margin requirements for stocks, options, futures, bonds, forex, mutual funds . Margin Requirements - Forex - IntroductionInformation on margin requirements for stocks, options, futures, bonds, forex, mutual . Margin and Leverage in Futures and Forex Trading - Price Action Labsimple formula for calculating the amount of equity that is required for . Forex Leverage and Margin - Trading PointA forex trader will need to use sophisticated risk management in order to tackle passed . Understanding Contract Sizes - IBFXSee Forex Contract Sizes, Forex Leverage, Forex Margin Requirements.
The quote data provided on the Margin Calculator is as-of the last trade in the marketplace.

When using the Standard Required Margin Calculation you must remember that the answer will be . Forex margin requirements are based on a percentage of the USD trade value when the trade . Tab to or mouse over the amount column in the Balances section to see what your original balance was prior to calculating the changes. You can tell if the margin requirement on a position has changed by the icon shown next to the margin requirement percentage. A position with a yellow background indicates a change resulting from the hypothetical trades you entered in your worksheet or can indicate an open order, if you had selected to include open orders in the calculations. The balances and margin requirements shown are updated to reflect today's trade executions and nontrade activity. Different margin requirements may be applicable to other accounts and positions you hold at Fidelity. This provides room for volatility in one's trading account without risking the dreaded margin call.

A green checkmark indicates a decrease in margin requirements while a red exclamation point indicates an increase in margin requirements. In addition to the initial Federal requirement and house maintenance requirements for securities, Fidelity may impose higher margin maintenance requirements which consider certain factors, such as concentrated positions, security liquidity, ownership concentration and industry concentration. The balances calculated in these tools may be different than balances reflected elsewhere, which may impact the amount you can trade through any of Fidelity's online channels.
It also explains how Fidelity calculates the margin requirement for each position in your account.

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