At Jade Trading, we utilise the lost wax process to create high precisison investment castings. To see our investment casting specifications - please see our materials section which has individual specifications for each material. Please see our diagram below which details the step by step process of investment casting from creating the die and pattern to applying the finishes.
Lost Wax Investment Castings can be made in most grades of metal specifications to allow Engineers to work with near net shape products which will allow a reduction or possibly the elimination of Machining costs. Before creating the mould, wax channels are added to the model.  These allow the molten metal to be funnelled into the mould.
The coating is left to dry before the method is repeated using coarser sand.  This continues until the ceramic shell surrounding the wax model is around 8 millimetres thick.

The wax model with ceramic shell is put in an autoclave.  This melts the wax out of the shell. There are examples of the use of lost wax casting in ancient artworks and jewellery in Egypt, Greece, India, Rome and Latin America. Lost wax casting process, known also as investment casting process, enables to manufacture parts with particularly good surface roughness and precise dimensional tolerance. The shell refractory is made out of Zircon ceramic, and the green colour wax usually employed is subject to very little deformation. Tag CloudDimensional control Factory Forging parts Hydraulic components Investment casting Lifting arm Lifting systems Lost-wax casting Mecano-welding Quality Control Showroom Steel casting X-ray testingTry us! Jade Trading supplies a number of Blue Chip Companies with many thousands of Lost Wax Investment Castings per Month.

Those layers form the shell from which the wax is removed, by melting it, and in which molten metal is finally cast.
The elimination of the wax through heating leaves only the refractory shell representing the negative shape of the form to cast.

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