Welcome to Rob Taylor's Live Trading Room.Hi, my name is Rob Taylor, and this is my live Forex trading room. The room is focused on helping and educating new or experienced traders, to enable them to trade Forex at a professional level. Here is an update on the trades we took week ending the 19th April, the update contains 2 live trades we took that week. Now with our Live Trading Room you can see up-to-the minute comments by our trading experts, see the signals they are trading right now before they happen, and learn from the best–all in real-time. Our Trading Coaches can answer your questions, explain complexities and simplify the markets for you–right now!

Click here to watch a 17-minute video that goes over the Chart setup we stream in the EMiniPlayer Live Trading Room.
The room is a members only trading room, where myself and other professional traders, take live trades in real time with real money.
Clients must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation, before trading.
TRADING DERIVATIVES, FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS AND PRECIOUS METALS INVOLVES SIGNIFICANT RISK OF LOSS AND IS NOT SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE. By joining the EMiniPlayer Live Trading Room, you will be gaining much more than real-time expert analysis and trading insights.

Traders in our room nail Trend Days!The slow periods during the day are used to educate traders on our trading methodology. This information gets posted on the website later in the evening, but members in the room get trade ideas for the overnight session at the cash close.In addition to the above, we hold a monthly educational Webinar where we dive into a specific trading topic. Teaching and trading has been taking up a lot of […] Rob TaylorLearn How To Trade Forex Like A Professional Trader July 26, 2015I don’t often share trading statements on my blog, but i have decided to share this one, as it shows not only that i have the skills and market knowledge to be able to teach you how to trade like a professional trader, but it also shows some interesting statistics regarding profit and loss.

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