The GOLDPRICE.ORG Live Gold Price Chart allows you to find out what is happening with the Gold Price or Silver Price in real time, it is considered by many of the worlds most highly regarded gold traders, and gold commentators to be the best gold price chart available online. This guide will take you step by step through the various resources and tools available on the Live Gold Price chart.
You will see across the top of the chart a row of words called the Menu Bar and under that a row of icons or small pictures called the Tool Bar.
The Menu Bar has a number of useful resources you can use to select various functions such as change the time, scale of the Live Gold Price chart and many other applications. This is a very useful tool as it allows you to select, not just the gold price but other precious metals also such as silver, platinum, palladium etc.
By default the chart comes with the spot gold price displayed and, by selecting the 'Silver Price, Spot', you can add that to the chart and compare the two.
Information - Information, is very useful and provides a breakdown of the closing, high low and open price of gold for a particular time and date.
Looks and Feels - simply changes the chart to a windows presentation and is purely cosmetic. Firstly the Pin Icon on the extreme right enables you to detach the chart from the web site.

The icon becomes active when one or more lines are drawn and is the function you select to move those lines around the chart once they are drawn.
The is an icon for the period function we described earlier and the expands the chart on a points system where you put as many points in as you wish in a drop down box.
Further information is obtained by going to the help section in the menu of the chart if required. The Live Gold Price Charts have become an essential tool for gold traders and gold investors around the world. The figures on the right (and sometimes, as you will soon see, on the left) is the price of gold. It should be different to the color used for the gold price so you can see the difference between the two and you know which is which.
It refers, in this case, to the price of gold at its highest and at its lowest in a given period of time. You can change the number of days the chart displays by changing the number of data points. As you move the mouse over the various trends of the chart the information changes to reflect the information at that time and date.

Further information on some of these features is provided in the Help section of the Live Gold Price chart.
There are no fees to use the charts and they provide you with unlimited access to real time and historical gold price charts. The drag the curser along from left to right, the area you want to zoom and that section you have selected will fill the chart area presenting itself for closer study.
If you close the Live Gold Price web page the chart will disappear also as it depends on the Live Gold Price web page to exist. When a downtrend is broken and gold starts to move above it, that is often a good time to buy gold. However, in these cases its best to use either an hourly chart or daily chart to time gold purchases using longer term uptrends.

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