DECK stock is actually tethered entirely to the footwear business of Deckers Outdoor, a company that has been around for more than 40 years.
Click to Enlarge Back in January, Deckers Outdoor stock dove below its 200-day simple moving average and never looked back.
Since DECK stock’s breakdown into bear territory below the key long-term moving average, the bulk of the time has been spent hemming and hawing in a congestion pattern that took on the shape of symmetrical triangle. Over the past couple of weeks, shares of Deckers Outdoor have digested the breakdown by consolidating below the triangle’s late January low and suggest DECK stock is poised to drop further.

The secondary support line drawn from the spring 2014 low to January 2015 low might be viewed as a weekly chart neckline from an irregular head-and-shoulders topping pattern.
If DECK stock were to move higher, use a 50% money stop as initial protection to reduce the spread’s built-in and guaranteed max loss. There are 10 new stocks added to weekly options: EFA, FXI, SDS, TLT, EBAY, HAL, KO, ORCL, PBR, and SINA. But if you want to get away from the abundance of volatile and loose-fitting price patterns on most charts these days and prefer a tighter-knit, bearish formation, try on Deckers Outdoor (DECK) stock for size.

So, if you weren’t confused or misinformed about DECK stock, you had a very likely, leg up on me.

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