Overall, I am very impressed with BTC-E and I consider it’s prices to be gold standards when it comes to most of the major cryptocurrencies. When I first started trading, this site was very slow and did not receive very good reviews from my cryptocurrency mentors.
Trading on Cryptsy can be a very pleasurable experience when everything is working well, but high trading volumes sometimes bog things down a bit.
This exchange is still undergoing growing pains, although it continues to successfully navigate each pitfall.
If you are a miner, this exchange offers an interesting option in that it is the largest exchange that combines both mining and trading into a single website. A relatively new exchange, Mintpal was born in conjunction with Mintcoin as a clever marketing move. This exchange has a fairly low volume and seems to add new coins that may never make it to the major exchanges. The trade volumes are small on this exchange while downtime occurrences are similar to those experienced on most smaller exchanges. Despite reading positive reviews about BTER, I have never actually used this exchange myself.
This has to be one of the slowest and most awkward exchanges that I have used, but it has got the job done when I was interested in a cryptocurrency that was not widely traded.
Trading cryptocurrencies is risky and there are few constant rules other than math and time. Link exchange is nothing else but it is only placing the other person’s web site link on your page at proper place and other person will also do same in support of you. Choosing the right exchange for your intended goals can be overwhelming and is often a task that requires an experiment or two before it starts to click.

As it improved and trading became less-sluggish, I was enticed to use Cryptsy because of the massive number of cryptocurrencies that were listed. It only takes 0.250 BTC to have a coin listed on this exchange so many coins are listed purely for early miners to dump. New cryptocurrencies of actual interest are consistently added instead of boring scam coins that users or robots vote in. Coinex also offers a large number of cryptocurrencies with several market pairings (BTC, LTC, DOGE). Users can vote more often than nonusers and BTC can be thrown around to further increase the votes on your target cryptocurrency. For a small exchange, Allcoin has been very professional and does not deserve some of the negative criticism I have read on forums. Most exchanges do not have any sort of mobile option (which is probably a good thing), but SwissCex does a nice job providing a mobile interface.
It feels very crisp and smooth making for an enjoyable trading experience compared to other exchanges. There are no graphs on the site and only a limited number of cryptocurrencies are available to trade. Keep this in mind before you enter the modern-day Wild West and start trading with small amounts to iron out the inevitable kinks you will experience on some of these exchanges. Remember that my opinions are simply opinions and that beginning to trade with small amounts of cryptocoins can be an excellent way to learn (without getting burned) before throwing down the big bucks. As long as you stay in crypto, withdrawals are quite smooth, but for Bitcoin the fee is a little steep.
Now that Cryptsy has become more reputable, new coins are added less often and those listed are usually not scam coins destined for complete failure.

Also, forgetting a zero or entering the wrong trading value can have dire consequences on Cryptorush so be careful. This low listing fee is interesting, however, because it has given a few legitimate coins a chance to hit the market and hang around as their practical use improves. Trading is lightning fast, similar to BTC-E, and withdrawal speeds are quick with fees identical to the network transaction cost (the lowest withdrawal fees of any exchange). Deposits are a little slower than some exchanges because they seem to require more conformations.
There are many coins and markets to choose from and with more volume, SwissCex could prove to be an excellent exchange.
Also, remember to keep an open mind when using each exchange (they are mostly very new) and don’t expect them to behave exactly how you want. I have never seen any new cryptocurrencies added to BTC-E (that includes DOGE), but if you are interested in trading one of the listed cryptos, this is an excellent site. The one time I opened up a support ticket, Cryptsy communicated well and resolved the issue in less than 24 hours.
With such a large number of tradeable cryptocoins, it will be tough to stay away from Cryptsy once you have taken the plunge into the realm of trading. I have also transferred Litecoin from this exchange and the fee is more reasonable, only 0.01 LTC.

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