One of the draws for people looking to learn how to trade commodity Futures is the outstanding profit potential for the astute trader.  This can lead some people into buying into the “secrets” offered by “market gurus” only to realize, after great expense, that there are no secrets to trading success.
The biggest barrier to trading is not capital but is a lack of knowledge of risk, leverage, trader psychology and the trading plan to be used.  There is a lot to understand but most people can understand the components of trading but finding consistent success is another story. If you are zeroing in on commodity trading, it is probable that you are entering as a speculator and not a hedger.  Your aim will be to make quick transactions lasting minutes to hours and build a steady income to either replace or add to your current income. There are several methods to approach trading and when you learn to trade commodity Futures, you will either trade fundamentally or use technical analysis of the markets. Price trends up, trends down or travels in a range with a defined support and resistance level.

While it may be a neat thing to tell people you trade “Soybeans”, your capital and the margin required is what determines the choices available to you. While there are many markets you can trade, not all markets are the best for your attention.  You can find some of the most popular markets that are traded by the Netpicks team by reading the posts that are on this blog.
Taking multiple positions throughout the day will also cost you in commissions and while those can be small, they do add up especially is you are not offsetting the cost with winning trades.
Regardless of the type of trader you are, they all share a common trait and this is capital exposure and managing your risk is paramount to your success. You may hear that you should never risk more than 2% of your overall trading account in a trade.  That number may vary but what is simply means is never bet the farm on one trade.

Hey guys, my trading is really improving now – I’m getting close to going live on the FDAX system and following your rules and tutorials to the tee has really helped me to focus on the bigger picture and learn to take losses as part of the plan, so thanks!
CCI indicator, developed by Donald Lambert stands for Commodity Channel Index and is widely used among forex traders for many different purposes. I am Simul Trading on TS and last week I bought the 590 Call on AAPL then sold to close just two days later when the stock was around 610.

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