Basic Indian Stock Market Training, a brilliant upcoming professional event, is taking place on October 18, 2014 at Spot Academy in Canaans Business Center from 10 a.m.
Participants can choose whether they want to attend only the Basic Indian Stock Market Training on October 18, 2014 or to take it further for another four day session, depending on their current level of knowledge. This one-day training includes introduction basic course on Indian stock market, disciplined approach technique, question and answer session and access to training materials. Spot Academy, one of the leading institutes for stock marketing has been established in 2014 to make your trading simpler.
It is a technologically up-to-date institute, and offers regular courses in technical analysis of stock markets.
If you want to trade and invest in Indian stock market independently with having courage to grow your sums of money into large ones, hurry and register for the course Basic Indian Stock Market Training at Spot Academy in Bangalore. We are excited in sharing with you a tool that we have produced with a group of like minded individuals that has proven to be able to scan the markets, on a per second basis with any criteria you select. This scanner will not only scan live markets, it can also notify you via sms all the stocks selected as per your criteria. This cutting edge technology available in the scanner, scans the live markets on a per second basis, with your specific criteria and notifies you of the selection found, via sms. We also scan the markets regularly with the Fokas Scan and provide possible trades for our members to review, analyse and enter into if they like the trade.
Always trade highly liquid stocks to ensure minimum slippage while entering or exiting the trade.

Trading with margin looks very attractive but never go on margin until you have mastered the market, charts and your emotions. Hold your strongest stocks the longest protected buy trailing stop loss and close the positions that stop moving in your direction or are acting sluggish quickly. With the evolution of online trading and relaxation of RBI laws to invest overseas, successful traders are investing in global markets to take profit from high liquidity and volatility.
Do not become overconfident by success in your current job; be humble to learn trading from scratch as a total new business. As Basic Indian Stock Market Training initiative will help participants acquire specialized knowledge and skills to trade and invest independently.
Other than this, you can also choose the further four-day session on stock market which includes registration for intermediate technical analysis course, training material, trading account and trader terminal software and technical analysis software for your own laptops. However, this academy is focused on the profession of trading and training in stock marketing since 2004.
Their core educational courses will be delivered by the professionals from basic to advanced levels training.
Remember it takes volume to move stocks, so start getting to know your stock’s volume behavior and the how it reacts to spikes in volume. To help address the growing demand on trading, Spot Academy has brought to you an outstanding guide to Indian stock market for the beginners. It provides fundamental training for beginners, who need a second income, as well as experienced traders, who may have lost money in trading and who see their bright career in stock market.

There are additional advantages that you can enjoy participating in the Basic Indian Stock Market Training is a one-month free trial period for training on subscription and one year online post workshop training support, in addition, training material and articles & analysis on stock market. It is a Bangalore based company aims to provide stock marketing education by professional traders to the beginners, financial companies and experienced traders.
Spot Academy also provides a multi-benefit scheme with membership facility, which helps a trader to keep in touch with the experts on IM’s and messenger service and discuss the current market movements.
Always keep eye on trend in timeframe one stem more then what you are actively trading i.e keep track of weekly and monthly trend if you are trading chart. Make yourself aware of F&O segment of market to be able to short a script in downtrend. This guide is offering all registered participants a Basic Indian Stock Market Training opportunity, where they can acquire the knowledge on how Indian stock market works.
You will find the best online traders online, those who offers minimum brokerage rate for customers.
This year Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt Ltd is going to organize free stock market seminars 2015 for customer all over India.

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