I began trading options about fifteen years ago before most of the modern technology I rely on so heavily today was available.  Had you asked me then who “The Greeks” were and I probably would have said people from Greece. I now trade options exclusively and primarily look to sell premium but will buy options when I feel they are underpriced. We reveal state-of-the-art techniques for growing small accounts consistently through innovative scaling and risk management.

We teach cutting-edge, proven analysis techniques that match the requirements of today’s market movement and velocity, giving you an extra edge on your trades. Whether it’s monthly or weekly-based income, we have several creative income programs that will match your sense of risk and reward to meet your income goals. I am a strong believer in the TastyTrade approach for those familiar with it.  However, I frequently use charts and Fibonacci ratio’s to look for entry and exit points.

Guide to trading binary options
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