A Slim Jim is a trading strategy that occurs nearly every trading day in stocks and indices (including the E-minis) which many timesprecedes explosive one-way moves. Now for the first time, you can learn my favorite strategy through my interactive training module on a bar-by-bar basis in which I act as your private trading coach. Never before, through any teaching that I have done prior to this module, have I been as confident that you will learn the real secrets of trading Slim Jims profitably. I will teach you the basic Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy for trading on both the long and short side of the market and how to manage your trades to maximize your gains while minimizing your risk. This is the most comprehensive and complete course in the world on trading my favorite strategy, the Slim Jim Strategy.

This is without a doubt the most complete course I have ever offered on trading the Slim Jims. Best of all, the Haggerty Slim Jim Strategy is simple to learn, and within hours, you will have enough knowledge to apply it to your trading arsenal immediately.
As I mentioned above, stocks burst out of Slim Jim formations nearly every day because of program trading. I'll show how at certain times during the day program traders and institutions trigger bursts in stocks that are in a Slim Jimformation. I will be putting you in the position of learning the strategy as you make decisions based upon real-world examples that arise nearly every day.

Once you've graduated from my training, you will be in the position to start trading my Slim Jim Strategy as soon as the next day! You will know the time of day when this is most likely to happen and be fully prepared to pounce on these opportunities. You will learn my thought process loud and clear as you and I work together in making each trading decision.

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