In less than 30 seconds, I am going to introduce you to IMPACT investing… and I promise your life will not be the same afterward.
IMPACT is a new proprietary strategy designed by Jim Rickards to give you the opportunity for extraordinary 1,000% gains (or more) from the ongoing currency wars — in a safer way than how most people invest in stocks. Because IMPACT originated with systems and techniques developed by Jim Rickards for the CIA and Department of Defense to detect and predict terrorist activity.
And frankly, if it comes down to national security, Jim has the right to pull this page down at any time.
Finally, at an economics and investing conference in Melbourne, Australia, I had my chance to sit down with Jim Rickards and drill him for all his secrets. We call it the IMPACT system… and using back-tested data, it’s the only way we’ve ever found to reliably and predictably secure an average gain of as much as 1,657% among a set of winning trades from the currency market.
If you’ve read Jim’s bestselling books or research, then you’ve seen these how these global skirmishes are now fought using money instead of tanks and fighter planes. But even if you’ve never read Jim’s work, you probably smelled something “fishy” going on with the U.S.
Jim designed IMPACT specifically not just to protect you from currency manipulations — but also to show you how to PROFIT from gains 100 times higher than you might get from the stock market. But I truly believe once you give IMPACT a try, you might never invest in the stock market the same way ever again.
A small army of researchers here at Agora Financial — including Jim Rickards, myself, a certified financial analyst and other experts — spent countless hours running spreadsheets, crunching numbers and running scenarios.
For example, over the last 12 months, we found more than 19 profitable scenarios in which IMPACT could have unlocked the potential of an average of 988%. But consider this: If you had used Jim Rickards’ IMPACT strategy, you could have made an incredible 9,194% return… in the same three-month period. But I encourage you to keep an “open mind.” Because I’m going to show you exactly how IMPACT works, in the simplest way I can, right here in this message.
As you may know, Jim’s spent the last 40 years advising major banks and hedge funds on global finance. For the past 12 years, Jim has also advised the CIA, Department of Defense and the wider intelligence community on financial threats to U.S. It is a predictive system and a hedging strategy to give you the opportunity to profit from currency wars.
For example: According to Jim Rickards, one of the immediate casualties of today’s currency war is the oil industry. Specifically, Jim is talking about junk bonds issued by the banks to oil producers back in 2011, back when everyone expected a weak dollar.
According to IMPACT, these aggressive moves by the Federal Reserve are bad news for highly leveraged oil drillers. For example, you could have captured 5,052% in 10 days from an IMPACT play on the Swiss franc. IMPACT is about opening up a whole new world of creative trades, letting you profit from an increasingly chaotic world.
Using CIA-derived systems and methodology, Jim and his team of analysts will narrow down the outcomes of the ripple effects that could make you money. Then using IMPACT, he’ll show you how to collect double- and triple-digit gains, sometimes in a matter of weeks, thanks to these ripples.
Jim Rickards will NOT be recommending currency trading in the foreign exchange (forex) market. That’s because Jim Rickards believes IMPACT investing is the best and safest way to potentially profit from currency wars. I knew with all my heart that I had to find a way to get the secret of IMPACT in the hands of loyal readers like you as soon as possible. You can consider Currency Wars Alert to be the flagship publication when it comes to IMPACT investing.

None of Jim Rickards’ other publications will use this incredible and breakthrough new tool. And only readers of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert will be in position to profit from these situations using IMPACT. That’s why you need the IMPACT system working for you, right NOW… with all the support you’ll get each and every week from Jim Rickards and his team with your subscription to Currency Wars Alert. But you can get immediate access to all the details in Jim’s recently published guidebook, The Currency War Trader’s Handbook. Every charter member of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert will get this slim volume FREE, just for trying out this new trading research service. In fact, this handbook is the very first thing you need to read if you want take advantage of the power of investing the IMPACT way. In this no-nonsense guide, Jim Rickards and his team will spell out everything I’ve laid out for you today in plain, easy-to-read English. The top three currencies that let you take the most advantage of the IMPACT strategy, along with three specific and finely tuned trades you can take advantage of right now for gains as high as 1,000% in less than 90 days. And though nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing, I hope you can see The Currency War Trader’s Handbook has everything you’ll need to get started with IMPACT. And the best news is you can get your copy to this handbook — FREE — by agreeing to try out this new trading research service.
Answer: This strategy might seem hard, because Jim’s proprietary approach truly is a brand-new way to invest. That said, as I’ve tried to show you today, the basic concepts behind IMPACT are actually quite easy to understand.
First, Jim Rickards will identify and break down a scenario of an ongoing currency war, just as I tried to do for you today using “real-world” examples. Full disclosure: It’s possible you may need to make a few modifications to your brokerage account in order to properly use IMPACT. IMPACT is not like trading stocks, ETFs or other trading strategies you may or may not be familiar with. Answer: As I have warned you repeatedly, Jim does NOT recommend using forex to profit from currency wars. That’s why if you are after forex trades, you are best off going elsewhere — because we will be too busy showing readers how to make money with IMPACT to bother with something risky and dangerous like forex. A strong dollar is one side of the coin — a side that IMPACT can let you directly profit from right now. But using IMPACT, you could have played this a number of ways… including a play on the Russian ruble that could have netted you 3,197% in 60 days. I must insist that if you agree try this out, then you are also giving us your solemn word that you won’t release any details about any current IMPACT trade recommendations to anyone else. The reason is because IMPACT originated with systems developed by Jim Rickards for the CIA and Department of Defense. If you are seeking a "complicated" strategy that involves writing options for covered calls, selling naked puts, etc., then IMPACT is probably not for you. I think you can see that Jim and I have pulled out all the steps to make your entry into IMPACT investing and Currency Wars Alert as risk-free as possible. To immediately access your copy of Jim Rickards’ The Currency War Trader’s Handbook and start trading the IMPACT way , just hit the “Subscribe Now” button now. Next, you need to read Jim Rickards’ top three recommendations for trades you can make with IMPACT, today, for a potential of as much as 1,000% gains over the next few weeks.
Feel free to “paper trade” any of these recommendations if you want a truly 100% safe way to test out the IMPACT strategy.
But no matter what, watch what happens with these IMPACT plays… how Jim uses his strategy to unlock a whole new world of moneymaking possibilities… and how anyone can profit from currency wars. Lastly, keep in mind that in the very near future, we plan to market a subscription to this IMPACT trading strategy at a pretty expensive price point.

We’d like to extend to you an invitation to become a charter member of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert today — at a rate that’s much less than what we’ll ask everyone else to pay when this limited-time offer expires. Option #1 is for you to leave this page and ignore what I’ve showed you today about how it could have been possible to pull out average gains of 1,657% on winners from currency wars using Jim Rickards’ proprietary IMPACT strategy.
Option #2 is to take one tiny action that will have an incredible impact on the rest of your life.Simply click the “Subscribe Now” button right now, fill out our secure order form and you can dive into the Currency Wars Alert, Jim Rickards’ proprietary IMPACT strategy and at least three ways to profit from currency wars right now. And you’ll have Jim Rickards and his crack team of analysts and researchers in your corner the whole time. Jim Rickards designed IMPACT ground up as a new way to potentially profit from currency wars… using systems and techniques developed for the CIA and Department of Defense to detect and predict terrorist activity. Remember, Jim’s designed this strategy specifically for reliability, predictability, risk aversion and speed.
Answer: If you’ve ever traded stocks in your current brokerage account, then chances are you can use IMPACT in your regular brokerage account with possibly a few minor modifications.
Remember, IMPACT is not like trading stocks, ETFs or other trading strategies you may or may not be familiar with.
Instead, you’ll be coming at this fresh and ready to see all the opportunities from currency wars, the very same way Jim Rickards looks at these opportunities. It is true the predictive system part of IMPACT is based on many of the techniques and methods used by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, such as the use of complexity theory, Bayesian technique and causal inference. But the fact of the matter is Jim Rickards is an expert in applying these techniques for both national security AND to help our readers make money in the markets. Answer: My guess is that everyone will want to trade using IMPACT… once they discover its existence.
Answer: Jim Rickards specifically designed this service for people who want higher returns without high risk. Answer: To be completely honest, if you choose NOT to invest in Jim Rickards’ IMPACT recommendations — then I can guarantee with certainty that you will not make any money on them — and this service will be nothing more than education. Then decide whether you’d like to roll over your profits into another IMPACT trade or simply enjoy the money you earned.
You have 60 days to test everything out, either with paper trading or with as much money as you want to risk. The same mindset used by Jim Rickards that can let you unlock profits from currency markets… from multiple currencies at once… and from currencies going up, down or sideways.
As with all investing strategies, there will be risk in Jim’s and his team’s recommendations.
Hit the “Subscribe Now” button and try out Jim Rickards’ IMPACT strategy for the next 60 days.
You just need to read the handbook, learn a few simple steps, and then start making money the IMPACT way.
These emails will contain everything you need to do to set up an IMPACT trade in easy, step-by-step instructions. Because we’ll tell you exactly how to set up your brokerage account (or any brokerage account) to trade using IMPACT the instant you join Currency Wars Alert. That said, if a conflict of interest ever arises, Jim reserves the right to take down this offer at any time. Whereas with the IMPACT system, you will often only be in the markets for small increments of time, sometimes for as short as 30 to 90 days at a time. I want you to see firsthand — safely — that Jim Rickards’ IMPACT strategy could make you money from currency wars. But for now, understand that IMPACT has the potential to reduce your risk exposure by 25–50% if used correctly.

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