Go to google and write the phrase (Downloading interbank platform for forex demo trading) Note that you can use any platform later when ready for real trading and you can continue with interbank. So familarise yourself with trading with platforms which is a practical approach rather than giving yourself headache raeding your life out. Depending on your start up cap1tal and lot size you can make 100usd, 1000usd, 10000usd, 100000usd, 1000000usd or more in just one day and you can also lose same.Now let me show you why many people lose money so swiftly in forex and they come out saying forex trading is a scam. INDISCIPLINED TRADEROpens a live trading account with lets say $1000 and on a daily basis, he makes only 7 tradeS. I will introduce you to good trading software that will act as a guide for you to know when to enter and exit a trade.3. 10% trading system, 90% psychologgy.A profitable system is not a guarantee of making money. Alot of peopl train on system, softwares, techniques, but how many people do u hear talking about trainingon trading psychology and mental fitness. If u like use all d systems profitable on earth without mental fintness and trading psycology.

Before you trade make sure you do alot of home work to ensure that the platform on which you are trading isnt a trap.
Sometime when you set ur stop loss and take profit, you dont have to wait for your profit or loss to get to what you have set. Say for instance you set your profit and you see it rising from +$50 to +$150 it remains stagnant for a while drizzles down to +40 and rises again, I for one would close it, if it goes up again to +150 without waiting for it to get to the take profit i initially set. There is a site where people state their experiences i will search for it and post it here you will all be suprise especially those already trading who think they are trading with a sincere trading platform.
Create your trading style.I suggest you read about Pivot ponts, trend lines with support and resistance. It is this teaching or whatever you may term it that people pay for.For instance, today, i can say i am a good trader making profits consistently but before i got to this level, i read my head out day and night trying to get the drift of forex trading.
Choose a broker that offers micro lots.2, Swing trade and never scalpForex trading is very profitable but please start small. We will do all the work required to make you money in the FOREX market, and all you have to do is to sit back and relax and cash your profit at the end of the month.One good thing about this is that you have complete control over your account all the time.

Come with me as I show you how to cash in on this amazing opportunity.FOREX Managed AccountA managed FOREX account can give an investor who cannot watch the market 24 hours a day an opportunity to participate in the colossal world of FOREX trading (US$1,000 minimum). A managed FOREX account may also be appropriate for the investor who prefers to have his capital managed by professionals.
Studies of professionally managed FOREX accounts have shown returns that are not related to the performance of the stock market.
You can also withdraw money for yourself anytime you want but with a 3 day written notice sent to us.
You register with the platform you like and only give us your Trading platform login details.

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