However what I DO like about Wall Street Survivor is the fact that you can experiment with options spreads (example below); just make sure you know what your option is called before you enter it in the simulator, that may take some time. However, if you want to experiment with options spreads, bear put, bull call etc I recommend to open a virtual trading account with Wall Street Survivor.
Happy trading, and let me know (comment) on this subject if you have found any other (maybe better) trading simulators on the web. All three platforms are excellent but according to me the first prize goes to CBOE, the Chicago Board of Options Exchange for the sheer simplicity of the setup.
When you enter a trade, you are essentially opening a position, hence the orders "sell to open" and "buy to open." If you are buying an option, either a put or a call, you must enter a "buy to open" order.

First you need to know exactly what the option you would like to trade is called in their system.
Each new page reloads so that new ads can show, but I guess that's their reward for implementing a simulator on their site.
Here you can virtually trade stocks, options, spreads, straddles,covered call trades and experiment with advanced order strategies like triggers and one-cancels-other (OCO). Once you open a virtual trading account with them, you are able to trade options right away. Simply putting the stock symbol in their 'trade now' search bar will result in an error, and for some reason you can not trade ETF options like Investopedia.

Investopedia and WSS also provide good derivatives trading simulator and are giving tough competition to the world's largest options exchange. Those can be hard to find because most trading simulators focus on just plain stock trading. They make it quite easy to put in orders and let you view the options chain for the underlying security in an instant.

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