The Internet has taken stock trading out of the realm of the wealthy investor and put it in the reach of just about anyone with an Internet connection. Although many traders do sit in front of their computer throughout the trading day, this is really not necessary.
No discussion of stock trading would be complete without mentioning some of the common mistakes that traders make.
The Art of Learning is the fascinating story of Josh Waitzkin, the world champion in both chess and Pushing Hands.
This means that the more time a person spends at the computer, the more trading they tend to do.

Although it definitely requires time and effort to become a successful stock trader, it’s a skill that anybody can learn.
It only requires elementary school math to understand the mathematical aspects of stock trading.
Although daytrading requires more skill than swing trading, it is fundamentally quite similar.
Because traditional financial education does not teach people how to make money through trading.
And that means we must refrain from using stock trading to entertain us or make us feel like we are working hard.

It takes time, effort and diligence to become proficient, but the actual trading does not take a lot of time.

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