Here is a simple tip to make Outlook empty your Deleted Items folder automatically each time you quit. After you make this simple settings change Outlook will display a message similar to the following every time you close Outlook. The build-in Outlook 2010 Instant Search is better than ever, many times faster is the Xobni add-in we reviewed earlier, but there are users who prefer searching emails when Outlook is closed. Outlook Mail Finder is a 3rd party Outlook search solution which can find the indexed emails in split seconds. By default it saves all index in Access Database (flat file), but users can also choose to save it in a MySQL Database.
When all settings are done and emails indexed, head back to Outlook Search tab and begin searching.

To recreate an index, you will first need to Destroy the Index and then Start Manual Indexing all over again. By default the in Outlook 2013, the Outlook Weather Bar will display temperatures in Fahrenheit, if you want to change the settings to show the temperature in Celsius follow these simple instructions. I experienced a problem today where I could not search for e-mails older than 1 day in Outlook. You will be presented with a list of Included Index Locations, one of which is Microsoft Outlook. On this screen you can select to Rebuild the Index, you will get a warning telling you that this may take some time (and indeed it does!). Head over to Search Index Options, from left sidebar, select the folders that you want to index, and hit Start Manual Indexing.

Outlook needs to be running only to index the emails, once indexing is complete you can close Outlook and search emails.
There are two further options to narrow down the search result; Search by Sender and Receiver.

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