When you need to add more money you have several options.  You can add cash at any Walmart register, you can transfer money online from a checking or savings account, you can deposit part or all of your paycheck and you can also deposit checks with the Bluebird Mobile App. This card is a great option to provide some traditional banking type services to folks who, for whatever reason, prefer not to use your standard banks. How to build an Emergency Fund-Sponsored by Visa Prepaid Life is full of surprises.  Some of them are pleasant. I’ve been trying to find a good way to keep our Christmas spending separate from our regular checking account and I’m thinking this would be a great answer to that! I know that you can go online and set up the account for yourself and then set up a sub card for another person. It’s probably easier to think of this card as a debit card or a checking account alternative, rather than thinking of it as a one time use gift card.

Keep in mind that swipe reloads are limited to $1000 per day and $5000 per month (across both Vanilla Reloads and swipe reloads). Several hours later, I went to my local (North GA) Super WalMart’s ATM and picked WalMart Money Card and Reload. I just got home, and there were three emails waiting for me from Bluebird, saying my “bluebird POS Reload was Successful” with complete records (amount, confirm. The Walmart cashiers started telling me that gift cards are not allowed & I can only use a bank debit card.
By the way, I checked out a couple money pass atm’s today (using the moneypass atm locator) to see if any close to me had a load option (WM is more of a drive). Bluebird, which has no monthly, annual, or overdraft fees, is available in more than 4,000 Walmart stores and online.

I was looking at setting up a PayPal account to accept payments on my website and transfer funds to the Bluebird acct. If not, you could in theory do cash back 50 times in a row (20*50=$1k) and probably unload a couple cards while you are at it.

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