There has been cases that you might heard from withdrawing money from ATM that may kept you paranoid, and in fear on approacing that machine. You realize of course that ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine, so by saying ATM machine you are actually saying:- Automatic Teller Machine Machine.
FAST CASH: Kansas officials are looking to stop the flow of welfare money to strip clubs, liquor stores and casinos. OSAWATOMIE — When it comes to stopping welfare cash from ending up in a stripper’s G-string, Kansas’ policy is all bark and no bite.
A recent investigation by Kansas Watchdog revealed thousands of abusive transactions by individuals withdrawing welfare cash at liquor stores, smoke shops, casinos and strip clubs.

As it stands, KDCF policy explicitly prohibits cash assistance from being spent at liquor stores, casinos or any adult-oriented entertainment retailer.
She stipulated that the efficacy of such enforcement will largely depend on “legally reliable and timely transaction reports from the KDCF EBT card vendor (FIS Government Solutions),” de Rocha added.
Do not worry, of course from being cautious all the time from your surrounding, but it is always safe to assure that it’s easy to take money away from your ATM. In all, Kansas residents receiving assistance through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program spent more than $43,000 on potentially-illicit goods and services from August to October 2012. The legislation requires states to prevent such abusive transactions by 2014, but gave no specific direction as to how it should be accomplished.

The state currently has no means to enforce the law, which benefit recipients can easily sidestep through a loophole allowing the withdrawal of cash at ATMs on the premises.

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