The British empire was the greatest empire of the modern era because of its abilities to connect the globe using trade.
As Singapore became an independent state in 1965 and quickly became an even part of world trade. Very quickly much of the cargo traffic going from Britain to India would make stops in the city to recover from going around south Africa that is frequently hit by large storms. The most productive colony in terms of trade that the British established was the United States of America. Portfolio Manager Jim Cramer and Director of Research Jack Mohr reveal their investment tactics while giving advanced notice before every trade.
While a colony of Britain the United States was only allowed to trade with British colonies.
This is because of the influence of the British Empire and the trading that they started between their colonies. From your title I understand that you want to look at the British Empire, during the 1600s, however it could have used more elaboration. Good use of course themes, however, there is no explanation behind why these are applicable.
This has created a system of trade that benefits many countries by either creating market opportunities or job opportunities.
This created over a million euros worth of revenue in trading annually just because of the location of the colony.

They continued to use the British’s example for trade and now is one of the major world superpowers.
They were able to make good trading relationships between some of the largest trading ports in the world. If you have questions about how to do this in the future please talk to Professor Stratton or Robert about how to do this. Additionally, you need to include an organizational framework for your project that will tell the reader where the project is going and how you will prove your argument. The empire circumnavigated the globe and was achieved using a variety of trading ports that were connected with massive ships that were capable of crossing both the atlantic and the pacific oceans. Singapore was a trading post established by the British in 1819 by the East India Trading Company. It was able to rapidly expand, “Singapore soon became a major free trade entrepot for South-East Asia and the East Indes” (Lawson, 144).
Begin to integrate your sources together to support your argument rather than having distinct paragraphs that talk about each source individually. It has a free trade agreement with the united states and is the third largest trading partner with the USA in the east. They created the city-state of Singapore which has flourished and now is one of the largest trade cities in the world. The trading relationships that were made through out the history of the British empire are still strong today.

It continued to be the major port for all Asia trading until it fell to the Japanese on February 15, 1941. By having colonies all over the world and encouraging them to trade within each other they created a system of trading that is still in existence today.
Even though Britain regained control in September 1945 the damage had been done and they started their push for independence from Britain. Many of the countries that gained independence from Britain have continued to trade to this day. They signed a free trade agreement in 2003 allowing the two countries to freely trade between each other without tariffs. Because both of these countries were former colonies of Britain they have a lot in common in the way they trade. Without the influence of Britain neither country would have the ability to trade that they do.

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