Understand the markets you intend to trade and when contracts expire.  When you Trade Futures Online, you will need to update your charts to reflect the current contract. Initial deposit and margins.  Understand not only how much you need to open an account but also margin requirements especially if holding positions for multiple days. Ask and research online about the history of the broker.  Understand though that online, people like to complain but rarely will post about positive experiences.

Both work and both work even better when you are trading in the direction of the overall trend of the market. What you notice is objective entries, targets and stops.  When you learn how to trade Futures, you may not want to take counter-trend trades and some mechanical systems come with trade plans to keep you out of low probability trades!  When learning how to trade Futures online, you may want to find a trading system that does a lot of the work for you so you are not tempted to jump in the market when conditions are not right.

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