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The options for making presentations online are pretty much similar, where preferring PowerPoint Online or Google Slides might be a mere matter of preference and habit. This too seems like a tie, as both OneDrive and Google Drive offer good sharing ...
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Welcome to Rob Taylor's Live Trading Room.Hi, my name is Rob Taylor, and this is my live Forex trading room. The room is focused on helping and educating new or experienced traders, to enable them to trade Forex at a professional level. Here is an up...
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After managing several SharePoint based web facing projects, I am not too excited about using SharePoint for that end. The development required to get an appealing as well simple to manage website overrides most of the OOTB SharePoint functionality. ...
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This clearly proves the point that designing, building, testing, running and maintaining an algorithmic trading strategy is no easy task. Through years of reviewing other users systems on Collective2 it is clear that most build a system that is eithe...
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