But, each year, millions of aspiring stock traders still come to the stock market but still fail to achieve any meaningful success despite being armed with the latest indicators or some expensive stock trading system. There are two main reasons: One, they lack a proper foundation in the study of price action and, two, they lack a method to show them where to find trading opportunities and when to pull the trigger.
But, you also have to have a stock trading method that provides a set of rules to show you when a trade is setting up with the least amount of risk combined with the highest probability of success. In Simple Stock Trading Formulas, you’ll read about the role of both the stock exchanges and stocks themselves so that you understand how the game is played. Then, you’ll get to the meat of the book and get a in-depth breakdown on technical tools, price patterns, how to spot compelling technical criteria, mindset, and a set of rules-based stock trading strategies that work in any market condition.
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This is a complete trading system that covers everything from picking the right stock to knowing exactly when to buy and sell. Likewise by spotting turning points in the market, your timing in buying stock will be more precise.

This stock trading book tells a true story of 23 investors from all walks of life who made millions.
With over 15,000 publicly traded companies in the United States, this can be quite a task for the individual who is learning to trade stocks or commodities. Fortunately because of the internet we can now learn techniques used by the most successful stock traders. If you seek to find more trading opportunities in the stock market, this stock trading book will help. Trained under the supervision of Richard Dennis and William Eckhert, these ordinary people were able to learn the secrets of trading in just a few weeks.
Perhaps the most valuable information in this book is learning which stock are best to buy.
This book reveals in detail, how he started, his methods, and the path towards understanding the markets on the deepest level. This stock trading book is his personal log and instructions of how to approach stock trading.

Chart patters, candlesticks, support and resistance levels are also cover in this stock trading book.
For traders who seek to do a little day trading, swing trading, or just have a more precise entry.
Using a special system called CANSLIM, you filter the market down to core stocks that are ready to rise. A certain personality, drive, emotion is the foundation of making money in any endeavor you approach.
All this powerful information in one book, you can spot the most profitable trading opportunities.

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