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He told heads of state and government as well as other representatives from the 50 African FOCAC member countries on Dec 5 that he wanted to forge a new "comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership" with the continent. Xi's speech coincided with the publication of two documents, the Johannesburg Declaration and the Action Plan, which were the summation of two days of discussion. Trade between China and Africa, however, is perhaps a better indicator the relationship is still in full flow - $221.9 billion in 2014 and heading toward $400 billion by 2020, according to official Chinese forecasts released in Beijing on Nov 9. Apart from calling for a new strategic partnership between China and Africa, the Johannesburg Declaration, which had 30 agenda items, placed emphasis on security, with a pledge that Beijing and the continent would "continue to support each other on security matters and maintain peace and security". China also agreed to help argue Africa's case for major reform of the United Nations Security Council, paving the way for African representation. The declaration also called for an exploration of possible linkages between China's Belt and Road Initiative and Africa's own economic integration.
The Johannesburg document made it clear there should also be an alignment between FOCAC's goals and those of the African Union's Agenda 2063 and the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Other measures included greater Chinese investment in African agricultural modernization and infrastructure as well as initiatives in financial services, green development, trade and investment, vocational training, poverty reduction, public health and people-to-people exchanges.
Justin Yifu Lin, the former chief economist of the World Bank and now professor of economics at Peking University, who was in Johannesburg for the summit, particularly welcomes the priority given to manufacturing on the continent.
There was an implied assumption in the declaration that China's economic restructuring, moving toward a more services-led economy, would create opportunities for some of its manufacturing capacity to move to Africa, rather than just mostly Southeast Asia.
Helen Hai, goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, who has been directly involved in setting up manufacturing operations in Ethiopia and Rwanda, also says Xi's moves on African industrialization could be a catalyst.
As part of its commitment on security, China will provide $60 million for the building and operation of the African Standby Force and will also continue to be part of UN peacekeeping missions on the continent and help train African forces.
David Shinn, a former US ambassador to Ethiopia and Burkino Faso and now adjunct professor of international affairs at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs, says the pledges on security reflected the realities of China's engagement with the continent.
Deborah Brautigam, director of the China-Africa Research Initiative at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies, says one of the important moves could be in additional support to vocational training. The major surprise of the summit, however, was the huge increase in Chinese aid for the continent, which President Xi announced at the end of his opening address. The aid package was made up of $35 billion of preferential loans and export credit, $5 billion of free aid and interest-free loans, $5 billion of additional capital for the China-Africa Development Fund and a $5 billion special loan for the development of African small and medium-sized enterprises as well as a further $10 billion of initial capital for a new China-Africa Production Capacity Cooperation fund. Harry Verhoeven, a lecturer at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service in Qatar and a leading China-Africa expert, says it was certainly a lot of money and sent a clear signal, if one were needed, that China was still committed to the relationship.
Windsor Chan, strategy consultant for the Asia practice of lawyers Hogan Lovells, who is based in Johannesburg and a respected figure within the South African business community, agrees it made clear China still had an Africa focus and was not just turning its attention to the West. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, the foreign minister of South Sudan, agrees it was a successful summit but says there were many pressing issues for Africa that would not be immediately resolved.
Saif Addin Al-Bashir, a spokesperson for the Sudan government in South Africa, says the most uplifting aspect of the summit was that it had managed to come up with a workable agenda.
China will support Africa's aim for a green and sustainable future with 100 projects to develop clean energy, protect wildlife and build smart cities. China will negotiate free trade agreements with countries and regional bodies and also increase its imports of African products.
China will cancel outstanding debt that is set to mature at the end of 2015 for some of the poorest African countries in the form of zero-interest loans. China will help build an African center for disease control and back cooperation between 20 Chinese and African hospitals. China will provide $60 million for the building and operation of the African Standby Force. The Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation has surprised many people in many ways. Africa's industrial revolution, however, holds much more promise than investment in other sectors. Indeed, an analysis of Xi's speeches over the two-day summit indicates that industrialization will form the core of Africa-China engagements over the next couple of years.
In line with the placing of industrialization at the core of Africa-China engagements - for instance, with an anticipated Chinese investment in agro-processing and industry-based value additions to Africa's vast natural resources - Xi touched on yet another important consideration. It is heartening that China would not only provide capital and technology for Africa's long-delayed industrial takeoff, but would "sincerely share its experience" to "help African countries establish a sustainable development model and enhance their independent development capacity". Coupled with plans for China's assistance to Africa in terms of technical training, this is a technology transfer and capacity building perspective without which industrial and manufacturing plans would come to naught.
The scale and scope of China's engagement with Africa has risen sharply in recent years, organically and also supported by initiatives such as the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.
Under the African Human Resources Development Fund established at the first FOCAC, China has committed to training opportunities for African personnel in various fields, from 10,000 in 2003 to 30,000 in 2012. In Johannesburg, President Xi Jinping confirmed this trend with the announcement of commitments totaling $60 billion, including $10 billion specifically for industrialization. In addition, Africa as a whole, through its very forward-looking Agenda 2063 plan, has identified two other regional priorities beyond industrialization: infrastructure development and regional integration.
The restoration, which will cost 30 million yuan ($4.65 million), is viewed as a form of respect and dedication to religion, while ensuring the safety of the congregation.
The condition of the building has been deteriorating for many years, and the problems include a leaking roof, worn-out drywall and a termite infestation. Yan Hongji, 60, a nearby resident, said the square in front of the church has become a popular place for newlyweds to take wedding photos. Tsai said the decade-old paywall for the newspaper audience will be scrapped in order to increase readership. Tsai also vowed to uphold the editorial independence of the 112-year-old newspaper, saying its day-to-day editorial decisions will be driven by editors in the newsroom. The artifacts included jade disks, bronze trays and other items that dated to as far back as 1,600 BC, while the dinosaur fossil was estimated to be about 120 million years old, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a news release. Most of the artifacts were seized in connection with a US investigation into an art dealer, who was fined $50,000 and required to forfeit the pieces.
In accordance with a bilateral agreement the US and China signed in 2009, the two countries are to work closely together to prevent the illicit trafficking of archaeological objects. Two Hong Kong-listed companies, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co and Fosun International, announced earlier on Friday morning that trading of their shares would be halted due to "pending release of an announcement containing further information about the company".
Five other companies listed on the Chinese mainland in which Fosun International directly holds a majority stake also suspended trading. Earlier media reports showed that Fosun International has been involved in a corruption case involving Wang Zongnan, former general manager of Shanghai Friendship Group and Lianhua Supermarket.
Legal documents provided by Shanghai No 2 Intermediate People's Court showed that there was an illegal transfer of interests from Wang to Fosun International after a joint venture was established between Shanghai Friendship and Fosun International.
The treatment started in late November and includes a diet and exercise routine, and traditional Chinese therapy such as acupuncture and massage, said Yu Shuzhong, the doctor working with the couple.
Lin lost his job as a welder because of his weight and Deng has avoided shopping for fear of ridicule. The most meaningful "high ambition" in the Paris Climate Change Conference is to ensure a comprehensive, balanced and pragmatic agreement can be reached as delegates prepare to stay one day after the official end of the gathering, Chinese officials said on Friday.

On the eve of the new scheduled close of the climate negotiations, countries should focus on consensus and ensure an agreement is reached in a "pragmatic and cooperative" way, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a news conference in Beijing on Friday.
Tasneem Essop, the World Wildlife Fund's head of delegation to the Paris talks, said that version signals a stronger intention to cut emissions, but countries need to outline how they intend to achieve these goals. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is expected to announce with his Indian counterpart on Saturday a deal for India's first bullet train. Abe arrived in New Delhi on Friday for a two-day visit to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Part of the media attention about the high-speed railway contract has been focused on India opting for a Japanese product while China is greatly expanding its share in the global bullet train market.
Slated for discussion is a reported $15 billion agreement for a Shinkansen bullet train connecting the economically dynamic cities of Mumbai and Ahmedabad, part of Modi's pledge to revive India's rundown railways, AFP reported. Japan's leading Nikkei business daily reported on Tuesday that India will adopt the Shinkansen bullet train, with Japan offering a cheap loan worth 1 trillion yen ($8 billion). In a response on Wednesday to media questions about India's choice, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said: "All countries enjoy the right to choose their own cooperative partner and cooperative approaches. Teng Jianqun, a researcher of US studies at the China Institute of International Studies, said the expected bullet train contract is "way more than a purely economic cooperative project" and has "profound underlying political significance". Feng Wei, a professor of Japanese studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, disagreed with the zero-sum thought behind such comments and said voices advocating Japanese-Indian alignment to hedge against China are "already out of date".
Chen Biao, a manager with the Lhasa Shenlishidai shopping center, said consumers in Tibet are likely to embrace KFC's fast food, a mix of its US-style dishes and others more in keeping with the traditional tastes of the Chinese consumer. Xu Bin, founder of haixizang, a website that provides information on travel to Tibet, said some individual tourists would choose restaurants that offer convenient Western fast food. A court affiliated with the Supreme People's Court increased on Friday the sentence of a former fund manager who was convicted of insider trading last year.
The First Circuit Court in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, sentenced Ma Le, 33, former fund manager at Bosera Funds, to three years in prison, removing the possibility of an alternative five-year probation from the original sentence.
In March 2014, Ma was first sentenced for insider trading by the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court, but Shenzhen prosecutors questioned the application of laws and what they considered inadequate sentencing.
His case is considered as the largest insider trader case, regarding the number of stocks and value of funds and profits, since Feb 2009, when the insider trading was defined as a crime. Liu Junhai, a civil and commercial law professor at Renmin University of China, gave the new ruling a thumbs-up, saying the new verdict is fair and has complied with judicial thinking regarding the stock market. He spoke highly of the prosecutors' role in the case, adding that the protest is the best way for a prosecuting authority to implement its judicial supervision. Dong Dengxin, a securities researcher at Wuhan University of Science and Technology, said that the case showed Chinese investors have increased awareness to protect their interests in stock market and Ma's sentencing signals that China will maintain stricter supervision of the market. The suspects include 96 government officials, the official said on the eve of World Anti-Corruption Day, which fell on Wednesday. In the past seven months, law enforcement officers have also confiscated 1.2 billion yuan ($189 million) in illegal assets, said Liu Jianchao, director of the International Cooperation Department under the Communist Party of China's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Liu did not say how many of those brought back were among the 100 key officials targeted in the campaign. In the latest case, 64-year-old Huang Yurong, the former Party chief of the Henan Provincial Highway Administration, surrendered to police on Sunday and returned voluntarily from the US13 years after she fled China.
LiuDong, deputy direct or of the Economic Investigation Department under the Minis-try of Public Security, said the US, Canada and Australia have become popular destinations for suspected corrupt Chinese officials, due to legal differences and a lack of extradition treaties. A number of suspected corrupt officials have transferred illegal assets worth millions of yuan to foreign accounts through money laundering and underground banks, he said.
Apart from the "Sky Net" campaign, the ministry has been working closely with the People's Bank of China to monitor the suspicious flow of funds remitted to foreign accounts. These nations are "willing to help China to uncover more commercial bribery cases and refuse to offer safe havens for corrupt Chinese officials", Liu Jianchao said. Tu, from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, was due to receive the award on Thursday in Stockholm, Sweden, for her discovery of artemisinin, a TCM that can cure malaria.
Her success has led to a promising approach to the modernization and development of TCM through science and technology, said Cao Hongxin, the science and technology chief of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Cao said Tu was inspired by many ancient classic works on TCM touting sweet wormwood as a candidate for the development of an antimalarial drug.
He cited as an example that the international standards for acupuncture needles and the use of ginseng have been set by China. But he added that much remains to be done, particularly practicing innovation when using TCM theories, studying old TCM texts and transforming or commercializing research findings. He said this work will be listed in China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) for TCM, and his administration is working on it.
Tu Youyou (second right), joins fellow Nobel Prize laureates in Physiology or Medicine (from left) William C.Campbell from Ireland, Satoshi Omura from Japan and Nobel Literature laureate Svetlana Alexievitch from Belarus at the prize award ceremony in Stockholm on Thursday. Alex Travis, head of the laboratory at Cornell's Baker Institute for Animal Health, said that since the 1970s IVF attempts have been made with dogs but have been unsuccessful. The technique could eventually be used to help breed endangered species in captivity, Travis said.
He added that the development opens the door to detecting genetic traits that lead to disease, and to fixing them-preemptively. The paper, whose lead author was Jennifer Nagashima, a postdoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, said the research could shed light on the genetic basis for numerous disorders that affect dogs and humans. Beijing called on Thursday for constructive efforts to ease tension on the Korean Peninsula. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a news conference in Beijing that China has consistently upheld achieving denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, safe-guarding peace and stability there and resolving issues through dialogue and reconciliation. Huang Youfu, a Korean studies professor at Minzu University of China, said the Republic of Korea and the US may consider strengthening their cooperation to curb the DPRK's nuclear capability. Nine cooperation documents were also signed covering areas including trade, justice, civil aviation, education, transportation and energy. Azerbaijan has formed a traditional gateway between China and Europe, and the deals were signed as it seeks better links between the Chinese initiative and its own strategy to revive the ancient Silk Road. Xi said China "endorses the proactive response and support" from Azerbaijan for the Chinese initiative to co-build the Silk Road Economic Belt, adding that the signing of the deals "marks bilateral pragmatic cooperation entering a new stage". Xi said on Thursday that China is ready to strengthen financial and transportation cooperation to create conditions for the common development and prosperity of all countries in the region. Gui Congyou, director-general of the Foreign Ministry's Department of European-Central Asian Affairs, said Azerbaijan is expected to use its role as a Eurasian hub to help build the economic belt.
Li Jianmin, a researcher at the Institute of Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Azerbaijan offers an ideal option for China because it provides good access to other transportation routes in Eurasian countries.
Climate change has in recent years thawed the underground permafrost that has for millennia propped up the water tables of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, aka the "third pole". The government has been forced to restrict husbandry to slow the sands gobbling grasslands in Qumalai county. Poverty-alleviation NGO Oxfam has called for the Paris conference that ends today to produce $35 billion in annual adaptation funding by 2020 and $100 billion a year by 2030. A nonprofit I started in Qumalai in 2011 has provided necessities for families since the herding restrictions.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Wednesday in Paris that the United States had joined a "high-ambition coalition" that was unveiled the previous day and is made up of about 100 countries, as well as the European Union. Xie Zhenhua, China's special representative for climate change, said last week that China will continue to play a bridging role between developing and developed countries during the ongoing talks in Paris. The latest draft is "open and balanced", which is a starting point for further discussion, Xie said, but more "landing zones" need to be found.
A lofty goal to limit a rise in global temperature is meaningless until there is a clear plan for how the world can achieve it, said Professor Teng Fei at Tsinghua University. A guideline on regulation changes about training and tests for license candidates was jointly issued on Thursday by the ministries of transportation and public security.
Candidates now must rely on a driving school to apply for a test after they receive mandatory training at the schools.
By the end of last year, China had 13,000 driving training schools, 750,000 coaches and 620,000 coach vehicles. The adoption of new measures will greatly reduce the complex procedures in applying for a driver's license and remove barriers for the applicants to take tests, said Li Rui, a law professor at People's Public Security University of China. The guideline will increase the liability of driving schools by stipulating that a review of the issuing process must be administered when a license holder is responsible for a major traffic accident within three years of the issuing date. The only website in the country allowed to sell train tickets,, has received numerous complaints about the verification code test that users must pass to buy tickets online. They created fake questions including "click on all the pictures of handsome men", "all cartoon characters who are short" and "all pictures of the Strait of Bosporus" to show how absurd the questions could be. As people begin buying tickets for Spring Festival in February, more than 36 million users logged in to the website on Tuesday and bought more than 6 million tickets, according to Zhu Jiansheng, deputy head of the Computer Science Institution at the China Academy of Railway Sciences. During the same period last year, 56 million people logged in on one day, although only 5.6 million tickets were sold, Zhu said.
It's becoming a fierce competition for people trying to buy tickets online for Spring Festival, during which billions of train journeys are taken every year. This will be carried out through the publication of a list of powers for all ministries of the State Council, or China's Cabinet. The decision was announced along with several other reform initiatives for next year at a meeting chaired by President Xi Jinping and attended by Premier Li Keqiang and other leaders. Song Shiming, a professor of public administration at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said the announcement means that the State Council wants to set an example by introducing a change it has been campaigning for over the past two years. Commenting on the legal aspects of the forthcoming reform, Ying Songnian, a law professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said existing laws on organization of the government contain principles relating to official powers. Yang Xiaojun,a professor of administrative law at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said the reform will benefit China by allowing officials to be clear about their duties and will also allow citizens to practice more effective supervision of the government. Tyler has previously worked in Ghana as an Independent Consulting Geologist for Redback Mining and as a Project Geologist for Gencor. FLSmidth has received a contract worth approximately Euros 30m (DKK 223m) from Russian Open Joint Stock Company Pervenets for the supply of equipment for their brownfield Verninskoye gold plant. It's used by professional traders, and has been proven to make money in all market conditions. Each one includes fully explained answers, so you'll know when you're ready to put down the book and begin trading for real.
Your time is valuable, so there's no filler and no fluff, just good solid trading information to prepare you to become profitable as quickly as possible.
The new port at Lamu, on the Kenyan coast, being built by the Chinese and part of the $24 billion Lamu Port Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor to link the region to the sea, is seen as vital to this. China will set up regional vocational education centers, train 200,000 technical personnel in Africa and offer 40,000 other training opportunities in China. Chinese companies have long complained about their difficulties in finding skilled workers for their African operations," she says.
It will train 200,000 technical personnel in Africa and offer 40,000 other training opportunities in China.
Pairing investment in the industrial sector with establishment of institutions for technical and skilled training on the continent would help African youth secure jobs not only in Chinese-funded projects, but also spur related developments such as entrepreneurial and innovative industrialization and capacity for maintaining industries well into the future. The onus now is on African countries to figure out how to best tap into the policy and resource overtures from China embedded in the broad promulgations. While there is an excellent bilingual website on FOCAC, there is little information on the ground on whom by, whom for and exactly how the commitments are being fulfilled, or on the lessons learned from their successes and failures. I was pleased to see in statements by South African President Jacob Zuma a new commitment to monitoring and evaluation, and plans for a review of 15 years of FOCAC, which will help in communication and consideration of future priorities. However, Yu said losing the first pounds would be easy, but achieving the final goal would require "strong willpower".
It said it plans to build a 4.67-hectare frozen storage area in the Lhasa suburbs to prepare for further expansion in the region.
As a fund manager, Ma traded shares in 76 companies, and he gathered 1.05 billion yuan in illicit profits from insider trading, the top court said.
In2012, Travis' laboratory produced Klondike, the first puppy in the Western Hemisphere to be born from a frozen embryo.
And how much about adaptation nations and the international order have figured out and funded by then to support such populations. This role will enable it to seek "landing zones" - wording that is mutually agreeable to all parties - for the thorniest issues under a multilateral approach, he said. A pilot program will be used in designated areas to test the new policies, which allow candidates to apply for the test and complete necessary training without going to a driving school.
In some cases, driving training schools fail to provide high-quality lessons, but they collude with the issuing authority of driver's licenses and agree to under-the-table deals," said Liu Zhao, director of the Public Security Ministry's Traffic Management Bureau.
However, some training services cannot reach the standards set by the tests," Liu said, adding that the newly issued guideline is intended to resolve the problems. A date for the publication of the power lists for all ministries was not announced in a statement released after the meeting. The clear listing of the commission's powers will be a significant boost for market-oriented reform, Song said. Rob brings a wealth of global mining experience to Coffey, having worked for companies such as BHP Billiton, Diamond Mines Australia, Ashanti Goldfields, Spinifex and Gengold.
He is a qualified JORC competent person for mineral sands and a member of the Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM). At the forum this year, many nongovernmental organizations and think tanks held helpful side events to discuss and advocate on key issues of importance to the poorest and most vulnerable people.
Over the past 15 years, FOCAC has increasingly emphasized poverty reduction, climate changes and people-to-people exchanges, and these were framed during FOCAC as strong entry points for supporting the goals in Africa. Insider trading is the buying and selling of securities by someone who has confidential information.
However, due to the low resolution of the tiny pictures and ambiguous questions, like distinguishing between a squid and an octopus or boxes and containers, people have been struggling to answer correctly.

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