The gold (GLD) signals I provide work with silver so you can just trade silver when I have gold long or short trade. The chart below shows how gold and silver trade together when it comes to rallies and sell offs. This chart clearly shows the power of trading a more volatile commodity with silver being the one. Those of you who follow me already know the GLD etf is my favorite trading vehicle as it provides me with low risk trading setups along with a very high win rate.

I get the same questions from new traders all the time and I think these two questions will help clear them up. But notice how volatile silver is while gold had a nice slow and steady trend upwards… Gold’s low volatility trending characteristics is what I love about it. I do trade silver here and there but the size of my position is much smaller because of the difficulty level and volatility associated with it. Silver on the other hand is all over the place making it easy to have protective stops triggered before the majority of the trend is over.

Silver has always shined more in my opinion but when it comes to trading… It tougher than it looks to trade because of the wild whipsaw action it makes on a regular basis.
I will not that I do trade gold and silver futures at times but for this report I focused on ETF’s.

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