Buying a company's stock is owning part of the company, it's like becoming a limited partner with less legal rights. Then when the same company sees a huge business opportunity and wants to quickly cash in on it, it may float bonds for the public to buy. Bond Investors are regarded as senior owners and lay a prior claim to the assets of the company before both the preferred stock and common stock investors can enforce their claims. In practical terms, if you buy the bonds of a company, the only way you'll lose your investment (if you don't trade it at a discount) is if the company closes down completely (nowadays, it's also called restructuring). I'm a very simple guy who loves reading, thinking, swimming, photography and trying new stuffs.
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As you learn about the basics of financing your future it is important to understand the opportunity for long-term investment in stocks and bonds.
The goal of investment in stocks is to choose companies that you feel have a high potential for growth. A bond is a type of fixed investment, when you purchase a bond you are loaning money to a corporation or the government.
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The primary difference between stocks and bonds is the how an investor participates in funding the entity.
From a risk difference, bonds typically represent a less risky way to participate in the marketplace especially in a deflationary period, such as a recessionary period in the economy.
Stock and Bond cycles have breath, for example even if stock ownership was on the rise it would still cycle from stock ownership expansion to bond and back but stocks would outweigh bonds 2 to 1. From all of the above, we should be able to see how the cycle between stocks and bonds is a good indication of what types of economic pressures exist on investors.
Privacy Policy - Terms and ConditionsThe above content represents the opinion of the author and do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any financial products. And for most of us, buying stock or bonds are the easiest way to own a company, at least a piece of a company.
The bond investors will first be satisfied, then preferred stocks investors and lastly, the common stock investors. But the reality is that a company that is healthy enough to fulfill its bond obligations will most likely be faring very well in the stock market, while a company whose stock is getting seriously bashed might end up not meeting it's bond obligations (except in some crazy exceptions). With stocks an investor is taking ownership and therefore participating in the growth of the company, or its demise. In a highly inflationary period, such as an expansion in the economy, stocks typically provide the best way to keep pace with the growth. The same could be said if bonds were expanding in ownership it would cycle from bonds to stocks and back again, but bonds would outweigh stocks 2 to 1.

A bond investor is looking for a fixed outcome where a stock investor is making a bet on the future or an assumption of an expanding economy. They come up with a mind-numbing valuation of the company and break it down into million units of shares.
Each month you will receive a check for the interest earned and at the end of the bond you will receive the original amount that you loaned.
With bonds an investor is lending the entity money at set rate of return and duration and does not participate in the growth of the entity, but does take precedent over stockholders if the entity fails in a bankruptcy preceding.
Do your research and choose wisely before investing, stocks do not guarantee a certain amount to be paid back for your investment and not all companies grow.
Your money is typically safer in the bond market however your earnings may not be as high as an investment in the stock market. Markets breath, meaning that if they are expanding they take two steps forward and one step back. If you are extremely rich, you can decide to buy all the company's shares and make it your family business.

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