Options trading (my way) is a more efficient way to make money than working a time-hogging job, life-sapping business… or 50-year career path. The reason I’m offering this sale today is to give you one last chance to grab this training at old 2009 prices.
I like to compare day trading options to buying a small business (because it takes a similar amount of money – around $20,000). In the trading-proof screenshot above, even though I made an astonishing profit overall, I was forced to tolerate some losses. In fact, I don’t know anyone who has lost their entire $20k trading bank following my system. Congratulations Bill on your dedication to this system and all of the help, training, mentoring and assistance you provide to every one of us on a daily basis.. When I first discovered options trading I can honestly say I didn’t think “Wow! Knowing how to potentially make thousands of dollars a week (sometimes per day!) from a computer means you could choose NOT to work a job for money. How to spot the perfect daytrade setup… made easy with a selection of very specific charts.

The GOLDEN INDICATOR settings… a surprisingly simple, accurate indicator I use to enter and exit every trade.
TRADE-WATCH SYSTEM created by Bill Stacy… how to configure your screens to match the OneDayWealth Options Trading Setup.
Secrets of trading like a pro… tips, tricks and strategies for integrating the trading platform with your charting software. The Step-by-Step Approach that Bill Stacy Personally Takes before, During and After Every DayTrading Day. But it wouldn’t be complete without the tool I use to evaluate and calculate my trades and profits. Calculations made easy… gives you all the numbers you need for trade entries and exits.
After studying the course above (which is easy to do in just a few hours), you’ll have the knowledge you need to start day trading Australian options, exactly the way I do.
And yet, I believe day trading options using my method is far less risky than investing in a small business. See the software you need, where to download it, how to install it and how to create your first stock chart layout.

Be amazed at how easy it is to understand strike prices, delta, depth, bid, ask… and more!
This increases the likelihood of you finding one or more easy trade setups… just about every day!
A simple options trading system quickly replaced (and massively increased) my personal income. I understand you may have been thinking about getting this training… and just haven’t taken action. My results indicate that day trading is more likely to bring success than small business… and to produce income, faster.

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