However when I decided to make this my career and business I invested in a Falcon Trading System that is designed for professional traders, each system has eight 23 inch monitors, I love this system, I have the same set up at home and in my office.
Since I was locked out of my Trade Station account I started to use Think or Swim which I like very much and since I set up the accounts correctly I had no problem trading with the account and have used it ever since.
Setting up your chart and trading platform is a little like the trade plan and log, over time you will find that you like to work with, I have different set ups for different markets with a range of different indicators. The trick to a designing a top notch trading office is creating a million dollar atmosphere, here’s how you can do just that! First off, if you trade from home, your trading office needs to be in a completely separate room designated for trading purposes only.
Before choosing a room in your house or renting office space for your trading office, consider a space with a window (or windows). I have my office positioned with my monitors along the south wall, windows to the east and north. Once you have decided on a desk for your trading office you need to pick out an office chair.

Great ideas all around and found, by accident, I built my office almost to a T to your recommendations.
Using the word 'ultimate' to describe a workstation may seem like overkill, but there is a beauty to the simplicity of the things that were used in this corner office. Linhgo explains that he has been fortunate enough to create his ultimate home office setup, mainly furnished with the items that he's coveted over the past few years.
This helps cut down distractions and creates an engaging, fully functional atmosphere for trading. This is more than adequate for an at home trader managing an account of stock, options, and futures using charting packages and multiple order execution platforms. While I do know of traders who trade off one single 16″ laptop screen, having two monitors will dramatically boost your efficiency in both trading, and operating other tasks. So I went to a used office furniture store and bagged a $1100 Italian leather high back exec chair chair for $250. However, since this isn't an over the top home office, with multiple monitors that needs a lot of space, Lunhgo can get away with a simple Artemide Tizio Task Lamp,which can be found for online for $365, and a Herman Miller Mirra chair, which we found on eBay for $399.

If a person knocks on the door during trading hours, someone had better be burning, bleeding or unconscious. Nothing could be worse than picking out a prime office location with lots of natural light only to find out after everything is setup that you have to close the blinds due to massive glare issues. If you take in account that the Airia desk can be used for years with different setups, the overall cost isn't that bad if you consider the look and feel that it gives to this home office. Prior to that this was the director of education for a major trading educational company, where I personally trained hundreds of people in the basics of technical analysis.
When you create a trading environment built around the top five keys to success, remember to install a mirror somewhere in the room.
The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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