Before embarking into forex trading, it is important to truly understand all the risks involved. As mentioned above in the introduction, Foreign exchange trading, more commonly called as Forex or FX trading, consists in buying one currency while selling another, simultaneously. Unlike other markets, the fx marketplace is global and decentralized, which means that currency tradings and transactions may be carried out in different locations and by different traders. This way, you can trade more money in the market than you have deposited in your trading account.
Used by many traders, they can be helpful to make more informed trading decisions by helping find price trends and forecast future price changes.

Thus, let’s start by learning the basic concepts before exploring how this can be a good home-based business opportunity for us Australians. A special characteristic of automated forex trading is that every trade is executed with borrowed funds, unlike other kinds of trading products. Unlike many other trading products and financial markets, there are no limitations on going long or shorting currencies. Would you want to invest in another country or region from your home in Australia, foreign exchange trading gives you the opportunity to do so on the spot. In the line of shares, stocks ad trading, binary options is another popular investment strategy nowadays.

This is further exacerbated by the liquidity of the forex market as there are so many trading exchanging hands all the time.
For example, a leverage of 100:1 will give you the possibility of trading with $500, but only using $5 from your own money as security deposit. However, if you were to trade in a particular country, you should refer to local trading times.

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