I created local server, that should get image files as binary data and save them back as images in hard drive. The solution to this is the property indexer FolderItem.ExtendedProperty and if you drop all spaces in the property's name, you'll get the value. If the text you are trying to read out is on the image or mixed, you could use Ghostscript to rasterize PDF (convert pdf page to image) and then use Tesseract to read the text out from the parts of that image. I'm scaling images down in c#, and I've compared my methods with the best method in Photoshop cs5 and cannot replicate it.
For anyone who may comment, you cannot dispose the MemoryStream created in the Compress method until after the image is disposed. Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).

Looking at the amount of JPEG artifacts, especially at the top of the image, I think you set the jpg compression to high. I can already get some text details using iTextsharp but problem is, some PDF have images and that image contain some details. As sample image below i want to get the word "head eye", "body square", and "footer square". That results in a smaller (filesize) file, but reduces image quality and seems to add more blur. The code doesn't handle a few edge cases concerning input parameters, but overall gets the job done (I have additional extension methods for Cropping, and Combining image transformations if interested). Composition modes, I've tried about 50 different variations and each one comes out pretty close to the image on the right.

I don't know how these figures translate to c#, but as you can tell, the Photoshop image is almost twice the size, so it presumably is stored with a greater quality.
You will only notice that after you've saved the image as jpg and then closed and reopened it.

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