I’ve found the Infinity Futures AT (Active Trader) platform to be my favorite order execution platform for trading futures. To get started you can download a free copy of the Infinity Futures AT Platform and begin trading a practice account right now. Established in 1996, Infinity Futures is a US based regulated futures and FOREX brokerage firm.
Infinity Futures offers outstanding execution, low commission rates, a state-of-the-art trading platform, and $500 intra-day margins (for equity index’s). To get started you can download a free copy of the Infinity Futures AT platform and begin trading a practice account right now. I am new to future but have trade Forex and am debating broker between Infinity and Global Future. It takes a lot of time to check out a platform so it is good to have a word about it from a real trader before investing time to learn something new.

So far, I like the platform itself but I have also noticed a few times when I am looking at various daily charts that an entire day or sometimes days will be randomly missing and that gives me pause in the accuracy of the data…especially when I am learning that their $7 roundturn cost is on the higher side.
I too like TOS charts and use them daily in my trading, but I don’t use Thinkorswim for Futures trading.
Other platforms like Trader Technologies (TT) and CQG are certainly top tier, but they do come with hefty monthly fees. In the beginning don’t let the commissions bother you, focus on your setups and becoming consistent, but Infinity is definitely my broker of choice for futures trading.
When I first started trading futures I used TOS because I was already using them for options and stock transactions.
Not to bash Thinkorswim, they just don’t emphasize their futures business, options are their forte. If you don’t want to transfer any existing accounts you may have over to Thinkorswim you could open an IRA and gain access to the platform.

For example on the Emini S&P you have both the December contract ESZ1 and the March contract ESH2 trading. I’ve been looking for a low commission rate platform for a while because the rate on the thinkorswim platform is way too expensive. A lot of firms look for individuals with certain characteristics, not necessarily trading experience.

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