View gallery.Rithmic and the battle of the futures and options trading platformsRetail traders got quite a shock late in November of 2013 when Zen-Fire tried to launch BigTick and the data feed went down. Not long after that, the desk was using it for our personal trading and for the big hedge funds and banks we execute orders for. As the floors get smaller, most of the clearing firms and IBs continue to push traders away from using the phones onto the platforms. Over the last 15 years I have seen at least 25 platforms, many made right here in Chicago, but when it comes down to it I really think R-Trader and R-Trader Pro are super fast and dependable.

It shut down thousands of traders at Mirus Futures, which eventually led to a mass exodus from the Chicago futures and options firm.
When he first visited our S&P and S&P options desk on the floor of the CME we already had R-Trader running.
I have had problems in the past downloading and getting the platform and charts up and running and connecting the data feed, but I have to admit it went much easier than I expected. In addition to the platform we were very surprised by the Excel spreadsheet he easily set up so we could analyze data.

I used to think this was a swipe at the floor, but once I got it down I knew Rithmic was not some rinky-dink futures platform. In the next few weeks MrTopStep is going to be helping traders look at this versatile new platform and some of its options and functionality.

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