Why choosing the right day trading strategies for the market conditions is crucial to your trading success.
Each of these two basic market conditions (consolidating vs trending) require very different day trading strategies.
Hopefully you now understand why we need different strategies for different market conditions. Almost every other technical day trading strategy in existence is a variation on the basic themes outlined below.

The success of this day trading strategy relies on the market continuing to rotate sideways within its defined trading range.
Gold has had quite the range day overall with smaller ranges in the mix as well really showing its choppiness. The first target will come off at midline resistance with the final target back up to the channel highs or high of day. This occurs when the market breaks out from its trading range and moves directionally until the market begins to consolidate sideways again.

However, trying to employ a directional strategy while the market is consolidating in a tight trading range will more often than not get you chopped around and stopped out of trades.

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