I believe that overall, TradeKing is one of the best online brokers available today because of their user friendly site, streamlined tools, top notch customer service, and most of all, their simple, flat commission pricing. Although E*Trade’s gotten my attention because of its ad campaign in the past, the broker-assisted trade fee of $45 seems high, relative to its competitors. The transanction fee should be only $1.00 for each transaction for retail investors and individual investors because they do only small quantity of shares trading buying and selling. By Rob Berger 3 Comments Zecco Trading is the online discount broker best known for giving away 10 free trades each month.
Reach a $25,000 account balance (end-of-day) at any time throughout the month and get 10 free stock trades for the remainder of the calendar month. A $25,000 account balance on the last day of the calendar month qualifies you for 10 free stock trades for the following calendar month. For investors looking to trade options, Zecco offers just about every feature one could want. Zecco offers an education section on its website that provides numerous articles and videos on investing.

In part because it offers free stock trading, I’ll be opening an IRA account with Zecco. With low commission rates, a comprehensive set of free stock trading tools, and great customer service, Zecco is one of the best value online stock brokers.
If you have questions, you can refer to TradeKing’s investor community or the live chat on their website, or you can call to speak to a TradeKing stock broker.
If you have more than $25,000 in your account, your first 10 trades are free, and trades after that are just $4.50. As with other account types, with IRA accounts investors get 10 free stock trades every month in the first account of each IRA type when they maintain a $25,000 balance or execute 25 trades each month. The educational section of the site is a good resource regardless of whether an investor has an account with Zecco.
And it’s an important question, because when ever anybody offers something free, one wonders if there are strings attached.
Zecco also offers powerful investing tools, a community for like-minded investors to share their portfolios and investing tips, and great customer service.

If you account balance is under $25,000, you can still get 10 free trades if you have 25 or more total trades each month. For example, Zecco offers a profit and loss calculator to graph the potential outcome of an option strategy. This is not unique among online trading portals, but it is important to confirm that any online broker an investor might use is a member of SIPC.
Investors can also use available calculators to determine the likely outcome of a trading strategy or its volatility. Zecco also offers a profile of each security, which provides a snapshot of information helpful in making investment decisions.

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