I want to show you a couple charts which show the price action, volume and money flow of the SP500 so you have a visual of what I am talking about.
Below is a marked up screen shot of my automated trading system which I use for timing both futures and ETF trading strategies.
We show you a video that demonstrates the process of shorting stocks using a stock trading system. Notice: The content on The Smarter Wallet is informational but should not be recognized as professional advice.

Chris produces an unparalleled ETF trading newsletter complete with charts, trading alerts, trading education and email support. It is important because during a down trend the market makers and big money plays who have the money and tools to manipulate the markets will allow the market drift higher or they will run price up in overnight or premarket trading when volume is light. Trading in general is not hard to do, but creating, following, executing properly money and position management is.
Once the 9:30am ET opening bell rings volume and liquidity spike which allows the big money player to sell remaining long positions and or add to short positions they have.

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